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Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Foreigners



Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Foreigners

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Many people are looking for a job that will bring them not only pleasure but also a high salary. Few people believe that jobs in Saudi Arabia for foreigners cannot be found without having the initial bases for this, but we will dispel your myths.

What are the features for jobs in Saudi Arabia for foreigners?

It would seem that everything is obvious – you need to learn to code, sell or be ready to move, and a high-paying job is in your pocket. But if only it were that simple.

If earlier business owners gravitated more and more to uncomplaining performers, today they are ready to listen to ideas, create a team, build a strategy and compete in the international market. To achieve this, employers need people with burning eyes, who are ready to play honestly in a team, create a product together and work to improve it. The dedication and desire to improve the approach to project implementation is an important quality for an employee who counts on a decent fee, especially in Saudi Arabia.

If it seems to you that you have become a professional and ideally know everything in your field, it only seems to you. Today, with technology advancing at an incredible rate, knowledge is updated daily, if not hourly. This means that you cannot physically know everything. Plus, there’s room for vertical growth all the time. Expand your knowledge, do what no one wants or can not do. The moment will come – and you will be in front.

In Saudi Arabia educated people and foreigners with higher education are very appreciated and they are in much demand! Develop your skills and knowledge and Saudi Arabia will thank you with his gifts.

What jobs are the best in Saudi Arabia and what about salaries?

Income in the country is calculated in dollars. The average salary in Saudi Arabia per week by profession in 2020-2021 looks like this:

Airline employee – 7.2 thousand
Businessman – 1.8 thousand
Design Specialist – 5.2 thousand
Cleaner of premises – 849.
Lawyer – 6.2 thousand
Doctor – 5.5 thousand
Driver – 1.5 thousand
Architect – 4.4 thousand
Courier – 840.
Teacher – 3.4-5.5 thousand
Builder – 3.9 thousand
Seller – 2.1 thousand
Engineer – 4.2 thousand.

Most profitable activities are:

oil industry;

Income level in Saudi Arabia compared to other countries

In addition to salaries, employees of Saudi employers have bonuses. They additionally receive the following:

Medical insurance.
Personal car.
Payment for the education of children.
Payment for accommodation.

There are practically no mixed teams in the country: women work separately from men. The exception is medical institutions in which representatives of both sexes work.

There is no religious chauvinism in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, female foreign employees may or may not wear the hijab and niqab.

But according to foreign women, there is nothing wrong with wearing these hats, it is even convenient. Otherwise, they have to face increased attention to themselves from local residents.

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