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Impact Of Covid 19 on SEO



Impact Of Covid 19 on SEO

The novel and deadly corona virus’s pandemic effect has penetrated its roots quite deep into almost all business world niches. It is not a new thing any more than Covid has drowned businesses across various sectors. It has also negatively impacted business partnerships, up-coming projects, and infrastructure development worldwide. Simultaneously, it has affected the various online marketing centers, both positively and negatively.

How Can SEO Help To Overcome The Impact On Business Due To Covid

These days, Covid and SEO have become quite comprehensive. Both are fast emerging as crucial as well as a value-added activity. It is also happening when the use of the Internet has increased than what it was before. The post effect of the Covid impact on SEO is vital, especially for the revival of businesses. It is because:

  • Optimization of local search is essential to empower business, especially related to ‘Now Open’ or ‘Near Me’ online queries and searches.
  • Consumers prefer to support businesses that are local rather than established brands. A robust SEO strategy can play a vital role in connecting businesses with consumers.

There is no right or wrong time to publish content that is evergreen. Good content has always been a staple for effective eCommerce SEO Services. After a long wait, it is now possible for marketers to have the breathing space for performing in-depth analysis for a significant impact. Whether small or big, all businesses and industries increasingly relying on online traffic are getting benefitted the most.

Analysis indicates that the business sectors that have been impacted the most are tourism, the food sector, and the travel segment due to Covid. Despite that, it has been seen that there are quite a few eCommerce sites that have been successful in providing cleanliness and life essentials, even in the present situation.

Therefore, it is clear that SEO has led to the rescue of businesses. Going by the market trend, it can be sent that purchasers are looking for services related to entertainment along with daily essentials. This is where online promotion or branding comes into the picture.

SEO Post Covid

At present, a physical business may not be possible in many cases. To counter that, businesses have no choice but to go for online marketing, whether it’s a start-up or an established one. For channelizing to the maximum extent and drive traffic to the site, there are a few techniques that businesses need to focus on for a useful post-Covid SEO strategy. Online traffic can be best engaged through personalized analysis and a proper action plan. The SEO strategy must be the right mix of content, consistency, local searching, and planning to get maximum results.


Proper SEO requires regular maintenance. So, do not ignore it, even if it is down to a bare minimum. What businesses do or do not do now will directly affect business in the days ahead.

Long Format Content:

For many consumers, the pace has become slow. The probability is high that they might be interested in digging deep into topics of interest rather than scroll through the feeds either when searching around or making a purchase. Presently, this type of content is going to be read and can be crucial for SEO success.

Because of Covid, use the spare time to pile up content in an extended format, which is a significant blog post. You can even use these later on. Given below a graph that shows the average content length of the top 10 search results.

Local SEO:

Local SEO has been a practical solution, especially for small businesses. They are required to compete against the big brand. However, since people want to stay close to home now, consumers look out more for local service providers.

Whatever be the case, local SEO has always been important for any business. However, local SEO is quite useful now, and businesses can leverage those who perhaps did not have the time for it before.

Short and Long Goal Balancing:

It is expected that the corona pandemic will end soon. However, the impact is going to take longer to fade out. Therefore, the SEO plan and strategy must be the right mix of long and short-term tactics.

In the short term, the SEO attempt must include content related to corona themes within that sector. Along with that, there must be regular updation of the various listings and the web page to accommodate local search queries.

The long term SEO attempt should focus on content that can help answer queries raised by potential prospects post the pandemic. The attempt should also include the traditional objectives that would have been in place irrespective of any crisis.

Content SEO for SMBs

Now that you are aware that you need to keep up with SEO and the preference should be for long-form content, it is also essential to clearly understand what exactly should be the content.

To begin with, go for keywords that are directly related to the coronavirus. In terms of the short term effort, the approach should be directed towards the trending terms for boosting the traffic. The broad search terms can help compete against established and well-known brands, while the long tail and niche related searches related to Covid can help achieve a better rank.

Target Themes That Are Trending:

In case you find that keywords and topics related to the coronavirus are way too competitive, switch to the broader themes related to a range of industries and sectors like indoors, DIY, in-home, and virtual.

Re-optimization Of Old But Currently Relevant Content:

The best thing about SEO is, there is no need to produce new content every time. Search trends indicate that dormant subjects are being discussed again.

You need to understand that traffic to the site may not be up to the mark due to Covid. It’s because the focus of the consumers has shifted. At the same time, those still coming to your site indicate that they are genuinely interested in something. Hence, the more diversified the effort, the greater will be the chances of conversion.

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