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6 Tips on How to Rent the Right Small Business Warehouse



Tips How to Rent the Right Small Business Warehouse

As an entrepreneur in Dublin, or pretty much anywhere else, the one thing you don’t quite think about a lot when you first embark on the journey of making your business idea come to life is this. Warehousing needs. You don’t immediately have a clear picture in mind about just how much space you may need, especially when your business starts growing, and that is completely normal. Yet, at one point or another, you will become more aware of these needs, and you can learn more about the signs that indicate you should get a warehouse.

Since you are here, it is easy for us to come up with one simple assumption and to believe that it is true. Basically, the fact that you are here means that you have decided to rent a warehouse space for your small business. Whether your company is expanding, or you have any other reasons for doing this, it is definitely a good sign. It shows that business is going well, which is certainly a great thing.

In any case, let us not dwell on what the fact you’re getting a warehouse space actually means for you, as I’m sure you have your own reasons of doing it. The thing is, however, you may not know exactly how to do it right, especially since you have never had to rent such space in the past. There is nothing unusual about being slightly confused about the actual process of getting the warehouse, because almost everyone is at one point or another.

What we are going to do, though, is help you be a little less confused by providing you with some tips that can help you go through the process the right way. Put simply, we will offer you the tips that will help you understand how to rent the right small business warehouse for yourself. By following those tips, you will undeniably be on the right track and ultimately make the right decision and be happy with the space you’ve got. So, let’s check the tips out.

Rent Small Business Warehouse

1. Think About the Purpose

First things first, you should think about the actual purpose of the space you’re thinking of getting. In short, ask yourself one question. What is it that you are going to be using it for? As you can see at, there are various types of spaces you can find in Dublin, all of them coming with different kinds of amenities. And, naturally, the reason why you are getting a warehouse in the first place, that is, its purpose, will determine what kinds of amenities you would like to have and what may not be that important to you.

2. Define Your Space Requirements

The amenities are not the only space requirements that you will need to have in mind when trying to make this choice. Sure, checking them out is of utmost importance, because you want to know what to expect from the solution you will get – 24/7 access, security, forklift access and similar things. But, you also want to determine that the space is large enough for your specific needs. Meaning, therefore, that you have to consider the size of the warehouse as well in the process of selecting the right solution for you.

3. Location Matters

Next, there is the location, and there’s no doubt you understand its significance. Proximity to the target market, to transportation hubs, to suppliers… Those are some of the things that may be important to you when it comes to the location. In any case, you most likely have certain location requirements in mind, so ensure that the space you’re choosing meets them.

4. So Does Your Budget

Your budget is also extremely important and it has to be considered. In short, you have to define a realistic budget that you will be able to pay on a monthly basis and that won’t be too much for warehousing. When defining the budget, remember to keep in mind utility costs, maintenance and insurance in addition to the rental costs. This way, you’ll get a realistic number that will work for you.

5. Decide on the Type of Lease

Here is one more warehouse renting advice to know. You need to consider the types of the lease carefully before making your choice. To cut right to the chase, this means choosing between short term and long term leases. Think about whether you prefer the stability of a long-term commitment or the flexibility of a short-term lease and make your decision.

6. Make Sure to Cooperate With a Reliable Company

Whatever you do, you should always do your best to cooperate with a reliable company when taking out a lease on a warehouse space. This should go without saying. A great company will provide you with not only fair prices, but also with all the amenities you need and pretty much with great quality services.

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