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How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021



How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021

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Instagram has a verification process that allows users to get a blue badge on their profile. Suppose you want your Instagram account to be eligible for verification. In that case, it needs to represent a legitimate business or legal entity, or it needs to be owned by an actual individual. You are someone important if you have a blue badge on your person. It symbolizes authority, integrity, and trust. If you want to acquire that badge, you don’t have to be a famous person. Instagram verification increases your exposure on the platform, and it opens the door to even more options for you to expand your business.

Verification process: how it works?

Every user can now request to be verified on Instagram. To be considered for verification, you need to submit your full name and your user name. Instagram wants to confirm that ghost accounts do not exist. Your account must have at least ten thousand followers for you to be verified. Your engagement must be high to show that you are active on the site. Finally, your account must have likes and comments to show that people are interested in your content. If you need likes, you can visit Buzz Voice as they work with people from across the world. Buy Instagram Likes from BuzzVoice as they are the #1 agency for Instagram promotion and purchasing their likes and comments will not lead to your account being blocked. Or, you can use an instagram growth service to grow not only your likes, but your followers as well.

The advantages of Instagram verification are as follows:

You gain trust – Instagram verification is a sign that people can trust you. When people look at your bio and see the blue badge, they can quickly gain confidence in your account. The blue badge in your Instagram bio is a symbol of reliability.

Prevent identity theft – Many people have been victims of people creating accounts using their names. To prevent identity theft, you can verify your account. The more your account grows on Instagram, the more people steal your pictures and even pretend to be you. When approaching Instagram to report fake profiles, it becomes challenging to prove that you are the account owner. Being verified helps you with identity theft as people will know that your account has a blue badge. If you are verified, you can easily report fake accounts and people using your images.

Testing exclusive features – Truth be told, verified users get preferential treatment from Instagram. They get to try out tools before other users on Instagram. In addition, as a verified user, Instagram will work with you to promote any new tools that they want to add to their platform. The plus side is that you can even be paid for it.

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To Conclude

Being verified on Instagram will help you to grow your brand. People like following verified users because they are sure that they are following the right person. The presence of the blue badge on your Instagram account can make a significant difference in your efforts to raise brand recognition and grow your following on the platform. It can also be the difference between charging a hundred dollars and a thousand dollars for a paid post. Before applying for verification, grow your account and engage with your followers to increase your engagement rate.

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