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How to Exchange Bitcoins for Cash?



How to Exchange Bitcoins for Cash

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Bitcoin has become more-widely accepted as a payment method, and many businesses are now accepting it as payment for goods and services. However, there are still many places where you need to pay with old-fashioned cash. This means that you have to know how to exchange your bitcoins for cash if you want to spend them in certain places. Also, you could decide to cash out your digital coins if their prices are dropping to avoid losses. Or, you may want to invest the funds in more lucrative ventures.

No matter your reason for cashing out your bitcoins, you can use a number of ways to exchange them for cash. Below are some of the methods you can consider if you’re wondering how to exchange bitcoins for cash:

Using crypto debit cards

While ordinary debit cards are connected to the holders’ bank accounts, crypto debit cards are connected to various centralized crypto exchanges. They allow users to pay for purchases by just swiping them. These debit cards convert bitcoins and other cryptos to cash so the holders can spend fiat currencies to pay for their merchandise or services.

In addition, crypto debit cards can enable users to sell their digital coins for cash using ATMs. Unfortunately, these debit cards often have abnormally high fees for making small payments when buying or for ATM withdrawals.

Using crypto exchanges

Consider using crypto exchanges if you are searching for how to exchange bitcoins for cash. There are two types of exchanges – centralized and decentralized exchanges. With centralized exchanges, they act as custodians of your digital currencies and play the role of intermediaries to help investors buy and sell their crypto. They include Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and others. They offer one of the best ways to cash out your bitcoins. This is because they support hundreds of digital coins, support many fiat currencies, have low fees, and offer excellent flexibility when liquidating both bitcoins and other digital coins.

On the other hand, decentralized exchanges, such as NakitCoins, link buyers and sellers. These exchanges are non-custodial, meaning traders retain with their private keys as they trade on them. In addition, some of the exchanges, for instance, NakitCoins, operate physical offices where traders can visit and cash their coins or even buy crypto. They offer a safe and secure space for those in Turkey to trade at reasonable fees, with no limits on the amounts.

Use Bitcoin ATMs

There are thousands of Bitcoin ATMs spread all over the globe, and if you’re in Turkey, you can find some of these ATMs. You can use online tools to locate the nearest automated machine and visit it to cash out your bitcoins. However, you need to check before you visit it if the ATM supports selling BTC because some only support buying.

One of the downsides to using Bitcoin ATMs to exchange your bitcoins for cash is that they charge high fees. Evaluating the charges before deciding to liquidate your BTC using them is the best idea. However, you can take the fees as the price you need to pay to conveniently transact any time of the day or night.


As you can see, you don’t have to struggle to look for how to exchange bitcoins for cash. You can cash out your coins using crypto exchanges, enrolling for a crypto debit card that you can use anytime, and using Bitcoin ATMs. You can also sell your BTC to people around you. Whichever method you choose, ensure it’s safe, has reasonable fees, is fast, and works well for you.

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