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How To Create A Meditation Room At Home



How To Create A Meditation Room At Home

Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

The pandemic has urged many of us to look inward and find hobbies or activities that energize and replenish us. Besides hiking and doing home workouts, meditation has become one of the most popular quarantine activities. In fact, according to Fitbit, meditation practice increased by 2,900% globally while everyone was cooped up at home.

Whether you’ve already picked up meditation or are curious about the mental and physical health benefits, creating a meditation space or dedicating an entire room to it can help you set clear boundaries and motivate you to stick to your practice.

Pick serene colors

While everyone’s meditation room will look different, there are a few general guidelines that will maximize the effectiveness of your sessions. A serene color palette like white, green, or blue will help you unwind. Letting natural light into the room can boost your mood and help you stay awake if this spiritual practice is new to you and you haven’t quite figured out how to find inner peace.

Keep it minimal

Try sticking to minimal decor whether that’s furniture, pillows, or decoration. Ask yourself if the item that you’re planning to decorate with serves a purpose. This can be in the form of a pillow or a poof that you like to sit on while you meditate or a few plants that brighten up the space and keep the air fresh. You can also decorate with scented candles or crystals as long as you keep the place clutter-free which will help you to maintain a calm mindset while you’re in your meditation room.

Avoid distractions

While technology can be helpful when you’re doing guided meditations, try to keep distractions to a minimum. You can download the audio or video before your session and put your device in airplane mode so nobody will disturb you with a call or text message. If you share your home with family or roommates, hang a sign on the door that lets them know when you’re practicing so they can respect your space and give you alone time.

If you’re curious about the benefits of meditation, the different types of meditation you can try out at home, and are looking for more tips to decorate your space, check out the visual below!

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