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How to Combine Your Passion for Health and Fitness with Your Career



How to Combine Your Passion for Health and Fitness with Your Career

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Looking after your health and fitness can help you live a happier lifestyle overall. Reducing the risk of health issues by eating a balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise can help you to gain peace of mind, and it can also contribute to giving your mental health a boost. This has always been a crucial issue, and more and more people are starting to think more deeply about how they can practice good self-care and make more of an effort to find this kind of balance in their daily routine.

While many people may enjoy exercise and healthy eating as part of their lifestyle, others have a bigger passion for it and want to create a career out of this interest. If this is something that you resonate with as an individual who gets excited about health and fitness topics, here are a few suggestions on some of the career paths you could pursue.

Personal Trainer

If you enjoy sweating it out at the gym and working up a sweat, then perhaps you can share this passion with others who are looking to get into shape. Working as a personal trainer can be a great way to meet new people, and you will be actively helping your clients to improve their health and reach their goals. It can be interesting to come up with fitness plans to suit these varying needs, and there is also the opportunity to work in different environments as well. While a lot of personal trainers might work in gym settings, you could also go to visit clients in their homes, work in hotels and resorts, cruise ships, health clubs, and leisure centers, to name a few.

To become a personal trainer, you will need to get a recognized qualification before you can seek employment. You might also want to look at gaining some work experience while you study, assisting another qualified trainer.


If you are more interested in the nutrition side of things, then this could be a better fit for you. Nutritionists focus on the science of food and how this affects the body, and their role revolves around educating health professionals and the public about this to inform them on how to maintain a healthy diet to prevent disease and illness. The majority of nutritionists do have a degree in nutrition, and some even choose to gain a master’s degree in the subject; although there are other options for those without a degree, you will not be able to call yourself a certified nutritionist. Read more about these options here.

Start a Health Foods Store

Another career option you could explore includes starting a health foods store. This is a slightly different way to share your passion for healthy living with others, but it could be a good option for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and a background in retail. Selling healthy food and beverages, perhaps including vitamin supplements and even healthy recipe books, as part of your store’s stock could encourage others to start cooking fresher, healthier meals. You may want to consider starting with an online store to begin with, as this could help to keep your overhead costs down as a start-up, and then move toward opening a physical store at a later date. However, if you do want to open a physical store first, this can still be a viable option depending on your business budget.


This is an excellent career choice for those who want to help others look after their health, as well as work closely with those who are in need. Nursing is certainly a challenging career, and it will take a lot of compassion, patience, and determination to get you through the more difficult stages of your career. However, it is also very rewarding, and it is easy to see why people choose to follow this path. Not only will you be providing an essential service, but there will be many learning opportunities and the chance to progress in your nursing career. You may need to get higher degrees for certain positions, such as this University of Indianapolis DNP degree, or something else that is relevant to the role that you’re interested in. This can be a great way to grow and challenge yourself as a nurse, making it an ideal career to pursue within healthcare.

PE Teacher

If you like working with children and young adults, working as a PE teacher at a school could be a good career option to explore. Teaching can be a wonderful, stable career, and it’s something that you can do anywhere in the world. Young children need to start learning about health and fitness, as this can help them to develop good habits for later in life and to understand how food and exercise can affect them. You may also find that through your teaching, you will inspire a new generation of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Start a Wellness Retreat

This is another possibility for budding entrepreneurs, and if done right, it could be a very lucrative venture. Sometimes people just need to take a break from their usual routines, especially if they have been feeling burned out and overwhelmed. This is where wellness retreats can step in, offering something a little bit different from your usual vacation. These retreats do focus on self-care and create a safe space for people to nurture their health and general well-being. You could offer guests quiet areas to meditate, practice yoga, and provide them with delicious and healthy menu options, as well as other fitness and wellness exercises. It might be a costly business to start, but you can always look at starting on a smaller scale before gradually expanding the retreat as it grows more popular.

Many excellent career options can allow you to share your passion for health and fitness with others, and the ones listed here are all interesting options. If none of these sounds right to you, why not take the time to explore the other paths you can follow if your heart is set on combining your interest in this subject with your career goals.

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