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How to Add More Green to a Workspace for Better Productivity



Add More Green to a Workspace

Most employees will tell you that having a good refreshing workplace makes them more productive. Having more green in an office brings in a sense of motivation to work. Adding more green to a workplace leads to better productivity. The green surrounding in the workplace leads to better mental clarity and efficiency. Science explains that there is a connectivity between a green workplace and results of better productivity. Also, it attracts customers to the office and also makes clients more comfortable with the office. The following are ways in which you can add more green to your workplace.

Adding Plants in the Office

The first step of adding more green to the office is by adding plants. There are various types of office plants. You can go to the creeping plants that are green in colour. Avoid adding too many flowers as the office will not look official. Also, flowers attract bees and wasps. Bees and wasps may cause commotion around the office as employees try to run from them.

Adding plants to the office help in beautifying the workplace. As you add more plants to the office, it increases work performance. Having the plants around the office will be increasing fresh oxygen air in the office. You can prefer having it as a green corner in the office. It uplifts the atmosphere of the workplace.

Moreover, it reduces the work pressure and stress as your brain is fresh to think through the work. Alternatively, you can prefer going to artificial green plants. Various companies produce the best good looking artificial plants. The goal is to add more green to the office. You can go for Tamigrass artificial turf to enhance the appearance of the office.

Trimming the Grass around the Office

Having a bushy compound around the workplace is not appealing. When the office’s look does not appeal to visitors and clients, it will reduce its productivity. To add more green to the workplace, consider making the grass around the office looks great. You can hire someone to slash and trim the grass. It will make the grass more appealing. Also, the employees will get to have a place to relax during lunch and break hours. The relaxing and breathing fresh air from the grass will make the employees have an active mind when getting back to the office.

Planting Trees around the Workplace

Trees around the workplace increase productivity in the office. Trees are known to have various leaves and branches. The leaves produce oxygen which adds fresh air to the office. When the office members emit carbon dioxide and formaldehyde, the leaves take it in. The tree branches produce a nice shade which is nice for the employees to enjoy. The shade cools down the high temperatures produced by the sun. Also, the trees prevent strong winds from destroying the office structure. Adding trees in the workspace is very essential. It is because it adds to the productivity of the employees.

Benefits of Adding More Green to the Office

Having some green plants and trees in the office has various benefits. These benefits will give you more reasons to add green to the office. One of the main reasons for adding more green is for the sake of having a healthy living. Plants contribute to living healthy.

It is because of the fresh oxygen air they bring to the office. Having more oxygen content in the body is essential to your respiratory system. As mentioned earlier, plants help in reducing stress. As a result, you become happier since you will solve what was stressing you. Moreover, it improves the quality of the air around the office and therefore increasing productivity.

The other benefit of adding green is that it makes the office look better. It becomes part of the workplace decoration. The decoration makes the office look appealing and anticipation to work. Therefore, it increases the productivity of the workspace. Also, the clients who come to the office will feel more comfortable coming to the office. Having more clients in the office will increase the productivity of the office. As you choose the type of plants to put, ensure they are good looking and appealing to the eye.

In Summary

It is always nice to see your employees working with broad smiles on their faces. It shows they are happy. Happy employees are very productive. Adding green plants around the workspace will brighten their faces. It is because the green plants add more oxygen to the office, and it helps in relieving stress. Having stress free employees will be beneficial to the company. Moreover, it enhances the look of the office. The office looks attractive when it has more green in it. Consider trying the look and wait to see the difference in your office.


Emily Lamp is a professional writer, working closely with many aspiring thinkers and entrepreneurs from various companies. She is also interested in technology, business growth and self-improvement. Say hello to Emily on Twitter @EmilyLamp2.

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