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How Office 365 Eases the Life of Remote Workforce?



How Office 365 Eases the Life of Remote Workforce

Are you looking for productivity tools that boost the efficiency of the remote workforce? Due to technological development, various tools maximize the productivity and performance of employees working remotely. Do you want to help remote workers in increasing their work performance?

In the past years, there were specific situations where organizations and employees were forced to work remotely, such as a covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, in these circumstances, advanced digital tools like Microsoft Office 365 help remote workforce complete their tasks efficiently in a simple manner.

Let us give sharp insights about Office 365 solutions and how they can help remote employees transform complex tasks into simpler ones.

Which is Influential Office 365 Productivity Tools that Boost Remote Employee’s Performance?

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Microsoft OneDrive – Cloud Storage Platform

Flexible data access, storage, and sharing are primary concerns for many businesses and remote employees. They require a centralized platform to securely access, store and share business files or sensitive information to colleagues, team members, managers, and executives.

For accomplishing this purpose, Microsoft OneDrive is one of the popular productivity tools in the Office 365 suite, which offers a centralized cloud storage platform. Therefore, remote employees can use OneDrive to store, share, and access confidential business information with their co-workers or partners for completing various tasks.

Besides, the data or sensitive information is present in the cloud, and employees or the workforce working from anywhere can easily access, share, and store various files or business data securely.

To access data in cloud storage, they require an internet connection to access data needed in devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops. They can also share it with their colleagues and team members to make crucial business decisions.

Microsoft Teams helpful for Real-Time Communication

For successful results and productive work, practical and real-time communication amongst a group of employees working from anywhere despite their location is mandatory. Microsoft Teams from the Office 365 suite provides a flexible and secure collaboration and communication platform for businesses and employees to solve communication issues.

However, workers working in different locations can execute instant messages, chat, audio calls, video conferencing, and collaboration to complete various tasks with higher accuracy and precision. In addition, they can host meetings with thousands of participants, record meetings, and share screens for effective solutions during training sessions.

Therefore, all these functions will act as valuable Microsoft Teams solutions for a centralized communication platform. Besides, employees working from vivid geographical locations can create channels and teams with the collaboration functions of Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint – Create a social network for the organization with an intranet

There are situations where companies or businesses want to transfer files and communicate internally within the organization. So, for achieving a private social network, companies can use Microsoft SharePoint to build intranet websites.

However, using these intranet websites, remote employees can access the company’s website, share files, and collaborate with colleagues and team members within the organization for discussion regarding business ideas.

Besides, this collaboration platform is built in the cloud, so it is helpful for employees working from random geographical locations due to specific circumstances can access and complete different business tasks seamlessly.

Outlook – Redefine the way of scheduling meetings and emails

Employees should utilize their time precisely while working from any location or remote area. For this purpose, traditional email systems are time-consuming, and employees find it difficult to search and send the required email.

For this purpose, Microsoft Office 365 suite introduces Outlook, a dedicated client email application. It organizes all the different types of emails category-wise to make it easy for the remote workforce to quickly access, send, and search desired emails.

Therefore, remote workers can effectively execute various email marketing campaigns and convert leads through emails. Besides, Outlook is available in three versions: standalone desktop, web-based, and mobile applications. In contrast, the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook offers the advanced features of an email management system.

Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI

Some specific tasks or processes occur repetitively over certain time intervals in every business or organization. However, these processes or tasks are time-consuming and cumbersome for remote employees to perform every time they execute a dedicated business process.

Microsoft Office 365 introduced Power Automate to solve this issue, a cloud-based productivity tool that helps organizations and employees develop dedicated workflows to automate specific business processes and tasks.

However, repetitive tasks will get replaced by automation. For example, specific tasks like file synchronization, data collection, approval workflows, attendance, and more processes will benefit from Power Automate.

On the contrary, businesses and organizations encounter large data volumes every day. All these data are unstructured and unorganized, and it is challenging to understand and decode information from them. Microsoft Office 365 offers Power BI advanced analytics tools to clean, manage, organize, and structure large data volumes to solve this challenge.

Afterward, this productivity tool converts huge data volume into interactive reports and engaging visual dashboards to decode the information in easy to understand. In this manner, remote employees or executives make better-informed business decisions from these data using an advanced analytics tool like Microsoft Power BI.

Transform remote employee tasks efficiently with Office 365 solutions

Technological innovation offers many benefits, one of which is appropriate productivity tools while working remotely. For example, Microsoft Planner helps remote employees to plan and schedule business meetings efficiently. In addition, Office 365 solutions offer dedicated applications helpful for a remote workforce to make their tasks simpler and of the best quality.

Another example of applications from Office 365 solutions is Microsoft Outlook which offers diverse solutions for emails and its management system for remote workers. In this way, they can save productive time with instant email search and send to recipients.

So, suppose you want to deliver Office 365 solutions to your remote employees. In that case, you can contact Microsoft 365 consultants, who provide customized options for a suite of applications based on your business requirements.

Carlotta Krajcik is a Technical Advisor at USA-based Microsoft services provider company BITSCAPE, and she has hands-on experience in delivering Microsoft 365 consulting services. Apart from technical things, she loves watching football, fall weather, and long road trips.

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