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How Dave Ramsey Uses Stories to Inspire You On His Baby Steps





Finding inspiration through the Dave Ramsey baby steps can be hard sometimes. As most of us know, baby steps can take a long time to complete and many get lost on their way there. Though, if you are feeling that type of way, don’t worry because you probably aren’t alone in this situation. That is why Dave Ramsey has always used stories to help inspire you on his baby steps that can be helpful throughout your journey. Sharing stories, quotes, and pictures may be just what you need for some inspiration.

Dave Ramsey’s Inspirational Story

Inspiration can come from anyone’s story, especially if that someone is Dave Ramsey’s story. With everything he has gone through in life, his story can change your perspective on how you do baby steps. Learning from his own experience can be the inspiration you need. At a young age, Dave Ramsey has always done very well in making money. In fact, at the age of 26, he was making a net worth of almost a million dollars. Though he was in a lot of debt and did not realize his mistakes until it was too late.

The next two years became a struggle for him and his family. In the end, he lost everything. Though he realized he was not alone in this situation as he found guidance through others who also had the same experience. Once this all happened, Dave Ramsey was determined to start over again but doing it right. He wanted to know exactly how money works and how to handle it properly. He did everything you can imagine. By reading books, talking to old rich people, and people who earned a lot of money. Throughout the process, he found himself as the problem in this. So he decided to turn a new leaf and become the person he should be by going back to everything he has ever loved before. By doing this, he knew this is how he win with money. From that, he found a new passion which was to help others in their financial situation by giving them advice from his experience.

Why His Story?

So now that you have an understanding of his story, how will it inspire you? What should you take from his story? Well, I think the reason why many people become lost in the process of baby steps is the loss of determination. Many fall because of feeling no hope for their financial future. We look up to Dave Ramsey as the perfect example to become financially wealthy. I mean who wouldn’t want to be like him and where he is at in life. Though that is not where you find inspiration from his story. Instead, the inspiration is how he fell and how he came back up stronger. His grit coming back from nothing is the inspiration you should be looking for to help you in the process of baby steps. His experience can be your answer to continue through the baby steps and be your inspiration to succeed in it. So use his story to be the light at the end of the tunnel for you as you complete your journey through baby steps.

Finding Inspiring Stories

Not only can you use Dave Ramsey’s inspirational story, but you can also find others that Dave Ramsey has shared. There are thousands of different stories that you may find inspiring that Dave Ramsey has helped. A great way to find inspirational stories is by checking out “The Ramsey Show” on Youtube. There you will find many different types of videos from stories that Dave Ramsey has either shared about or helped from their financial situation. Such as a documentary that was created by The Ramsey Show called, “Never Give Up”. Or watching “ Top 10 – Unbelievable Calls On The Dave Ramsey Show”. Hearing from these stories can be an inspiration to you and how you plan on going through the baby steps.

It can be beneficial to also hear other people’s stories on the show that you may find yourself also in a similar situation. You can listen in on the situation and use the same advice that Dave Ramsey has given and apply it to your life. It is also a great way to learn from other people’s mistakes and make sure you aren’t heading in the same direction. Just by listening to a couple of different stories, you can find yourself the inspiration you need to complete the baby steps.


There is nothing more inspiring to help you with baby steps than to hear it from Dave Ramsey himself. His experience and how he manages to be where he is today is truly the definition of inspiration. How you choose to find it is up to you and you need to give yourself the motivation to continue the process of baby steps. So keep on going and find your inspiration.

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