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Divorce and Financial Problems – Can I Afford to Get Divorced?



Divorce and Financial Problems - Can I Afford to Get Divorced

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Yes, you can afford it. The only question is what are you ready to do for the sake of realizing this intention. In any case, remember – insurmountable situations exist only in your head. Everything else is solvable and surmountable. And if you want to get a divorce while experiencing financial problems, then you need a very balanced strategy and full awareness of each of your actions and its consequences. We will give you some tips in this article.

Start by Finding Sources of Income

So, if you want to get a divorce but reasonably understand that you do not have financial support for this yet, then it’s time to create it yourself. If you did not work before deciding on a divorce, then it is necessary to start looking for a new job or additional sources of income now. Yes, all that you earn when you are married will be considered your family budget, but agree that having the opportunity to make money regardless of anyone is a strong enough reason to start thinking about divorce more boldly.

Get a Free Consultation

Most law firms offer a first divorce consultation for free. Yes, your problems will not be solved at the first consultation automatically, but at least you will get a view from the outside and the opportunity to look at things realistically. As soon as you tell the lawyer about your situation, he will be able to clarify to you what you can hope from a legal point of view and provide possible options for ending your divorce.

Moreover, there are circumstances that will give you divorce benefits – their list varies from state to state. In most cases, this is cheating on your spouse, addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling, domestic violence, spending the family budget on non-family needs and other circumstances. A clear understanding of what you can and cannot claim after a divorce will help you soberly assess the consequences of your decision and review your financial strategy as well.

Keep in Mind That Modern Technology Provides a Real Opportunity to Save

In addition, in many cases, you can start the divorce proceedings with a limited amount of funds. We are talking about divorce apply online opportunity. In most states, you can start working with divorce document preparation services, get your personal divorce package and fill out documents for divorce yourself.

Even taking into account that the first legal consultation is usually free, all subsequent ones will not be cheap under any circumstances. Therefore, think about the first steps to obtaining a divorce using online services – this will help you save a very substantial amount. You should also keep in mind that if you go through a divorce and want to retake your former name or maiden name, the legal name-change process varies from state to state. For example, if you live in California, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is file a petition for name change, give name change notice, get the certified copy of your court order, and change your ID and records.

Evaluate Your Current Financial Situation

In order to develop a financial strategy for a divorce, you need to understand what point of reference you are right now. List all the values that you personally own – these can be legally executed gifts, inheritance, things purchased before marriage and so on. Here, each state also has its own specific legislative approaches to material values. However, understanding what you personally own, and what you can part with to pay for a divorce, will help you create a holistic picture and understand where you should go next.

Do Not Hide Your Income From Your Spouse

When it comes to divorce, this can greatly complicate the whole process and this will clearly mean that you are not an honest person. This is a bad strategy for divorce, especially if you already have no extra money for it. When the desire to get a divorce meets financial problems, then the best way is a peaceful agreement. Peaceful agreement and a sober assessment of the situation.

In any case, the laws of all states are structured in such a way as to give the parties equal rights and obligations during and after the divorce. Therefore, it is very unlikely that a divorce will leave you without a penny in your pocket and without a roof over your head – everything you purchased in a marriage will be divided by law and justice. And if you already understand that a divorce will hit your financial stability, then return to the first point – look for additional sources of income.

Instead of a Conclusion

Divorce can never be free and painless – and it is better to accept this fact in advance. However, it will be a less stressful experience if you understand in advance what you can hope for and how you will live and provide for yourself (and children) after the process is completed.

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