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Cryptocurrency History You Were Not Aware Of



Cryptocurrency History You Were Not Aware Of

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Information about anything you take an interest in should be at your fingertips. Similarly, when it comes to crypto investments, most people get so skeptical because they do not possess the proper information. If you fall for oil trading currencies by any chance, you might jump into the process without much knowledge about it. The genuine enthusiasm and excitement regarding your taking part in the process can instantly go wrong in such a situation. Listening to other folks around you should not enter the cryptocurrency world. Instead, you can try to do thorough research on its history and features and then indulge in the investments.

If you are a fresher in the crypto realm and do not know much about its background and history from the past, then you can go through the following article to learn more. You can also be of great help during your research.

Invention Of Cryptocurrency

Most people of the 21st century are now well aware of cryptocurrency’s existence. However, people are still not very confident about their investments in the crypto world and the lack of information is the primary thing to blame. Here are a few reasons behind the invention of cryptocurrencies:

  • The world back then in 2008 had been going through some tough times in terms of financial condition. The world’s economic balance was disturbed due to various religious and political stigmas.
  • It needed a stable system that could bring back the economic balance and settle the issues as soon as possible. Several critics and experts in various fields started researching an effective solution to the problem but ultimately failed.
  • The economic imbalance mainly occurred due to the different types of corruption in the market. One particular group of people was gaining wealth; the rest, 90% of the population, was craving food and a good life.
  • The commencement of cryptocurrencies is also due to bringing in digitalization to some extent. The world was taking small steps toward scientific research, excellent technological advancements, and many things. Similarly, a group of software experts took the same initiative toward the economic system by introducing bitcoin to the trade market.

Due to the practical economic imbalance in the world, the various market and industries that worked based on financial conditions worldwide, like the stock market and insurance industries, all started suffering heavy losses during this period. Thus, considering every point mentioned above, cryptocurrency surfaced in the trade market for the first time.

Controversies Related To Satoshi Nakamoto

When you hear the term ‘Cryptocurrency’ the first name that springs up in your head is no other than the Godfather of cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi was a Japanese software engineer and developer who brought the white paper on Bitcoins to the world for the very first time in 2008.

He was thriving back then, which is now evident from the condition of the crypto trade’s market. However, this unique and great man vanished after a few years. Near the middle of 2011, Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from my acquaintances forever. Nobody yet knows his whereabouts and other details. The only thing known about this mysterious man is that, when he left the big screen due to crypto’s sudden fame, he also took one million Bitcoins, whose worth is in billions and trillions now.

Different people have different thoughts on his disappearance. Some say he was genuine and wanted to see Bitcoin grow on its own, applying for its unique features and benefits. The other group says he was an evil man, which is why he was running away from interrogations and responsibilities. He could also have intentions of destroying the trade market in one blow in mere future, whenever he wants, by selling away his one million assets, leading to an ultimate crash in the trade market. Whatever the reason behind Satoshi’s disappearance, he would always remain the Godfather of cryptocurrencies.


Apart from the above points, you should not forget the decentralized network of bitcoins and the use of Blockchain technology was brought in BTC to set an example to the other developers on how they should snatch away the power from government bodies to stop the tremendous corruption in the finance sectors.

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