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Critical Factors That Will Determine The Value Of Your Personal Injury Lawsuit



Value Of Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

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If you have sustained any kind of personal injury due to the direct negligence of another individual or business, you might rightfully feel that you shouldn’t have to endure the financial burdens of the injury.

Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect those who have experienced personal injuries. But even though you can claim compensation for your injuries, it’s not always straightforward. Several factors will influence the total value of your personal injury claim, and you will also need to find Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer in Tucson to guide you through the claim process.

Nevertheless, these factors will determine the value of your lawsuit.

Injury Severity

The overall severity of your injuries will have the most substantial impact on the value of your case; insurance providers and the jury will consider the seriousness and permanence of your injuries by evaluating medical records.

If your injuries have caused permanent disability or even scarring and disfigurement, you will be entitled to a lot more compensation than if you were only to sustain minor injuries that result in temporary disability.

In addition to the severity of injuries, the extremity of any relevant property damage will significantly influence case value. This factor is specifically relevant in instances of road accidents.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are one of the most substantial expenses in personal injury lawsuits. It would be best if you visited a medical practitioner immediately to have your injuries assessed and treated. Unfortunately, if you don’t take this essential step, claiming compensation will be a lot more challenging; avoiding medical care will give the untrue impression that your injuries are not nearly as serious as you claim them to be.

In addition to the initial consultation that verifies your injuries, you must follow any treatments and procedures recommended by your healthcare provider.

Insurance Policy Details

Insurance providers settle a large majority of personal injury lawsuits. With this, policy details such as the policy’s total limit will determine the maximum compensation payout. Unfortunately, if a policy does not cover your total losses, you must file a compensation claim directly with the party at fault. In this case, you will be able to recover all your losses.

How You Handle The Claim Process

How you handle the claim process will also impact the outcome of your lawsuit. When claiming from insurance carriers, it is essential to fill in claim forms correctly. The claim could be rejected if any flaws are found in the documents. The same is applicable when claiming directly from the at-fault party.

The Available Evidence

In any lawsuit, you will need various pieces of evidence to support your claim. Otherwise, it’s just hearsay.

When it comes to injury claims, you will need valid medical records, letters from your employer, proof of income loss, documentation of your injuries in the form of diary entries and photographs, and others. The best approach is to bring your evidence to your personal injury lawyer. This way, your lawyer will use your evidence to build your case and recommend additional evidence you might not have considered.

Whether Or Not You Can Work

Another substantial factor in a personal injury case is whether or not you are able to work again. In situations where a victim cannot resume work during recovery from the injury, income loss is relevant. But in other cases, personal injury victims might be unable to continue work during recovery and not be back to full performance for a prolonged period. In this case, additional lost income compensation is relevant.

Moreover, if a victim of personal injury cannot resume their work roles at all, the jury will grant even more compensation. Your lawyer can calculate the value of lost income depending on your situation.

Similar Cases

Courts sometimes opt to save time by considering similar cases. As a result, the jury might decide you are only entitled to an amount of compensation that is already recorded through similar lawsuits.

By considering similar cases, proceedings can move a lot faster. Previous verdicts of personal injury cases of the same nature can uncover fair compensation payouts.

If you have sustained a personal injury that has turned your life upside down and made it impossible to keep up with your bills and financial responsibilities, you can claim compensation for all the costs that result from the injury. Sometimes, you can claim this compensation from your insurance policies. But other times, you must claim directly against the at-fault party.

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