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Beyond Parking: Unleashing the Potential of Your Garage Space



Unleashing the Potential of Your Garage Space

Photo by Sean Foster on Unsplash

If you’re a homeowner with a garage, then you’re sitting on a goldmine of potential space. Many people pull their cars into the garage and are still left with an empty area that can often go to waste. It’s time to think beyond parking and learn how to use that space to expand your home. From creating a home office to a fitness studio, the sky’s the limit. Here are some ideas to put into action and some considerations to make along the way.

Considerations Before Repurposing Your Garage

Before you start moving all of your belongings out into the garage and turning it into a new room, you need to ensure that it’s safe and that you’re keeping everything out there in good condition. First, if your garage is separate or there’s a roof overhead, it’s wise to have an expert come out and inspect it to ensure that it’s solid and safe from the elements. The weather can impact a weak garage, and over time, you could experience leaks that ruin your belongings.

A water leak won’t always be apparent, and that’s part of the danger. A leak you can’t see can go on for months and cause significant water damage, so it’s essential to be vigilant. Look for the signs of hidden leaks. They might include consistent musty, mouldy smells that don’t seem quite right. Discoloration on the walls can occur slowly over time, and it’s a sign that water is dripping. Also, if your water bill is increasing, investigate the garage and your house for a culprit.

If you plan also to keep your car in your garage while you use the space, you’ll want to take some precautions. One of them is to add a large floor mat on the ground that is easy to clean if fluids leak from your car. Many mats are non-slip, so you don’t get injured if you use the space for exercise. You can also make it less obvious that you’re sharing the space with a car by building a dividing wall in the garage. A less expensive option is to hang a curtain or put a free-standing barrier in the middle of the garage to create separate spaces.

Turning The Garage Into An Office Or Bedroom

Many people see the garage as a way to add a whole new room to the house, which can be especially important if you start working from home or your family grows and you need a new bedroom.

If you’re converting your garage into a home office, you’ll want to take some steps to make it safe and productive. Start by adding extra insulation to the walls so the area stays warm during the winter and doesn’t become sweltering during the summer. While the contractors are working on the walls, ask them to add a window or two so you can see the outside world. Plus, natural light can cut down on utility costs and help you to be more productive.

To make an office work, you’ll need to take advantage of the space. If there are a lot of tools and items in the garage, then at least set up a corner desk and fit a small filing cabinet and whatever else you need in the area. When turning the garage into a bedroom with limited space, consider adding a single bed or a bunk bed.

There are other hacks you can try to get the space you need, starting with installing a sectional garage door that suspends from the ceiling when open. Also, think about how you store items in the garage to make more room for your office. Consider adding more shelves so you can keep things off of the ground and hang bikes from the handlebars to save space. Don’t forget to declutter the garage and remove the old clothes you don’t wear and the sports equipment you’ve outgrown.

Other Fun Ideas For A Garage

When you manage the space and free up square footage in the garage, it’s possible to turn the room into just about anything. Many homeowners use this opportunity to turn the space into an art studio. If you decide to do so, then sealing cracks and gaps in the garage is essential because raising and dropping temperatures can make the art expand and contrast and lead to damage. You could also turn the garage walls into an art project and paint them fun colours.

Many other people use their garages to improve their physical wellness. When you lay down the protective mat on the ground, you create a perfect space for a yoga studio or meditation hub.

The idea of turning a garage into a gym is very popular because you can work out and get sweaty and not impact the other rooms of your home. If you decide to do so, map out where you’ll put the workbench and the cardio machines and create separate spaces for everything.

Add good lighting with windows or LED lights that will allow you to see your weights and workout safety. Then, buy fitness equipment you’ll actually use and avoid unnecessary machines that you won’t use and will take up space. You can also get two things done at once by adding a standing desk to the garage, and you can stand and march in place while you work.

There are numerous ways that you can unleash the potential of your garage space and turn this additional area into your own personal oasis. Take the time to plan your project ahead of time, and your garage project can be a success.

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