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Best Ways To Send Money To Someone Who Doesn’t Have A Bank Account In 2022



Best Ways To Send Money To Someone Who Doesn't Have A Bank Account - ACE Money Transfer

According to the Global Findex database, about 1.7 billion adults globally reported without having a bank account in 2017. China reported at the top of the list, followed by India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Mexico. Additionally, among the reasons for not having a bank account was the high costs of maintaining a bank account, followed by rigorous documentation. So how do they send money to someone without a bank account in 2022?

Luckily, there are more secure, affordable, and better ways of sending money to someone quickly. Among them includes.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets, known as e-wallets, are getting popular among the new generation. A mobile wallet is less expensive and easy to use for many people, and some do not even charge for their essential services.

For example, ACE Digital Mobile Wallet Service allows Pakistani users to send money to their loved ones using Mobile to enter Wallets. The recipient doesn’t have to own a bank account. They can simply receive money through;

  • UPaisa
  • Jazz Cash
  • Easypaisa

According to the Roy Morgan Digital payments report, there is a sharp increase in the use of non-bank contactless payments in Australia. Almost 10.8% of Australians are now using mobile payments, and it’s constantly increasing. ACE Money Transfer, a culturally diverse and socially aware firm, has prominent partners in most countries to provide affordable and accessible means of sending and receiving money.

Now you wonder how you can receive money from other countries in your Mobile Wallet. Let’s briefly explain how it works.

ACE Money Transfer to Mobile Wallet Account

The firm focuses on changing technology and the environment to opt for better options that allow customers to send money online to their loved ones. It takes lots of time, energy, and documentation to open a bank account and receive money through it. Therefore, people are moving towards digitalisation for the system’s flexibility and ease.

It familiarises local/domestic consumers with multiple ways of receiving money, including mobile wallets. Let’s discuss a few consumers from different countries that are using ACE’s services to send money to mobile wallets in their home countries.


If you live in Europe, Canada, or Australia and want to send money to your loved ones in Bangladesh, you can use an ACE account and send money to their bKash Mobile Wallet.

ACE allows its customers to send money to bKash Wallet and avail of this incredible opportunity to make life easier for the family.


Likewise, India has a Mobile Top-up service where you can send money using an ACE account. Your receipt does not need a bank account. The only thing required to receive money is a mobile wallet which can be opened without a bank account.

Now with the ACE Mobile Top-up facility, you can send and receive money even in remote areas. It is easier, affordable, and, most importantly, accessible to everyone.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan users can also send money to mobile wallets like India and Bangladesh. Mobile Top-up is also called, where one can receive money without opening a bank account.

The best thing about Mobile Wallet is it doesn’t require documentation and lengthy length procedures. Moreover, ACE Money Transfer allows its customers to send money to Mobile Top-ups and avail of benefits from this service.


It is another country where a mobile wallet facility is available. Therefore, ACE account holders transfer money to mobile wallets. It is a quicker, more accessible, and more affordable way of sending and receiving money.

Besides the countries mentioned above, other countries allow mobile wallet transactions to make them more accessible for the citizens. Our customers can explore their required country and check ways to send money home besides cash pick up and bank transfer that everyone in the world commonly uses.

However, with changing technology and fast-growing activities globally, people prefer quick and accessible ways to send money. A mobile wallet is best among all for its accessibility to the customers.

Wind up

Not having a bank account is not a problem anymore when you have endless opportunities to transfer money. Mobile Wallet has made it far easier for anyone worldwide to receive money. Additionally, platforms like ACE provide the opportunity to use these available means for consumer feasibility.

ACE Money Transfer believes its customers must be facilitated according to available sources and accessibility to the best online money transfer service. Therefore, the firm chooses more accessible means besides cash pick-up and bank transfer. Now you can receive money without a bank account and enjoy long-term benefits with us.

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