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Best Discount Real Estate Brokers in America



Best Discount Real Estate Brokers in America

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America’s real estate market is supposedly good for buyers and sellers. Homesellers can sell their house with no worries and likable expectations of receiving a considerable bargain. At the same time, buyers can check for their housing requirements with multiple sellers accessible on MLS listings.

It is suggested for home sellers to sell their house with a low commission real estate agent or discount real estate brokers to save on realtors’ high fees and hidden charges. Low-commission real estate agents or Discount real estate brokers are apparently the best in the business.

These professionals hold the same educational background and degree as traditional real estate agents. The only difference between low and full-time realtors is the commission rate. Where a full-time realtor takes up 6% of home sales, a low broker will charge between 2-3% on total sales.

Isn’t that a massive money-saving way? Hence, to make the best out of your sales with top-quality realtor-like service, a seller should head toward working with Low commission real estate agents. Why not check out our ranking of best Discount real estate brokers in the United States of America?

Low Commission Real Estate Agents: Company Rankings


Established and set up by Amit Dhameja in 2017, Houzeo is already America’s top leading For Sale By Owner websites. Having served over a million users, Houzeo has provided commendable customer service for top-notch home selling services and linking homeowners to suitable low-commission real estate brokers.

How to sell with

The FSBO site functions on a Flat Fee for MLS listing and other exclusive services that assure the most significant savings and maximum exposure to the seller’s listing. The closing at Houzeo is quick. Besides, homeowners can also make multiple changes to their MLS listing. Once the plan is selected, home sellers’ needs are half meant.

While the rest is completed at the time of closing, we recommend you opt for Houzeo’s Gold plan of $399+to get access to platforms Review & Compare Offer, Counter Offer, Request Highest & Best, and more. On the other hand, house buyers can explore For Sale By Owner properties on Houzeo and instantly make an offer without going through a realtor.

2. ListingSpark

The shortest way to sell your home for the most money is ListingSpark. Best known for availing five-star rating customer service with the assistance of its basic technology and strong support team, it guides sellers from listing to closing at affordable costs.

How to sell with ListingSpark?

Selling a house with ListingSpark is made simple with the ‘Pay as you go plan, where sellers need to pay just $7 on a per-day basis to get listed on the platform and access other features. Meanwhile, the other package is the “Pay at closing” option, where you pay 0.5% of the sale price at the close.

Besides, sellers will have to pay $975 to connect with one to hire an agent on demand. The Agent’s services include negotiation, pricing review, and contract compliance. Meanwhile, Home buyers explore properties based on price range and property type. However, there are not many features available for home buyers as the site is a seller-centric platform.

3. Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent’s goal is to really make the home selling process as simple as possible. The platform was brought into existence to provide a better home selling experience. The actual value of this site is in the outcomes you achieve with their quality real estate professionals. The platform’s automated home selling software is created to sell every property at a reasonable cost.

How to sell with Ideal Agent?

The site deals with full-service agents that signify top local and national agents. Your house will undoubtedly be in MLS, and you can sell your home for top dollar. Agents at Ideal Agent are assigned from the top 1% of agents who have closed deals in the seller’s locality. Throughout the home selling process, the agents are dedicated to providing maximum profit, a dedicated concierge, and closing coordination.

Ideal Agent has a home search feature, where homebuyers can search for homes by location, home type, and price range. However, like ListingSpark, this platform is seller-centric and has nothing much to offer to home buyers. As the name suggests, Ideal Agent is an ideal pick for home sellers to sell their houses with.

4. HomeLight

HomeLight is home to thousands of real estate agents, brokers, and sellers. They help to create tailored manuals and resources for the sale of a house.

How to sell with HomeLight?

HomeLight provides free agent matching services for property sellers. The platform avails appropriate details of the best real estate agents in your neighborhood for both full and limited service programs. The standard commission rate of 5%– 6% still applies, depending on the Agent. Registering on HomeLight can get you instant offers.

Only homes that are off the market are allowed, although the process is fast. House value estimator, ideal for offering calculator, agent commissions calculator, and net proceeds calculator for property sellers. In addition, HomeLight now offers agent matching services.

Homes can be searched by city, zip code, or addresses on the Website for home buyers. It also offers a home affordability calculator, a down payment calculator, and a closing costs calculator. HomeLight offers decent agent matching. You will likely be matched with a listing agent who charges a 3% commission rate. But, HomeLight does not do much for sellers looking to save on agent commissions. Hence, be wise while making a decision to sell your house with HomeLight.

Final Words

The home selling and buying process has been made more straightforward than ever. With just one click, a person from any corner of the world gets access to almost everything on the world wide web. So why can’t it be the same with real estate transactions? Sellers are becoming more intelligent and wiser in terms of finding a suitable mediator for when selling a house with a broker who’s pocket friendly and easy to deal with.

In such a case, who can be better than a Low commission real estate agent or Discount real estate broker? With the assistance of discount brokers made available by top websites, real estate transactions go pretty smoothly with checking all legalities and regulations for a meager charge than a traditional realtor. Hence, be firm in hiring a discount broker for your sales, and don’t fall into any made-up scams and stories.

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