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8 Reasons You Should Start Using Visual Content NOW



8 Reasons You Should Start Using Visual Content NOW

Finding ways to attract and retain targeted traffic to your website or blog can be a complicated task. Today, people keep are like butterflies flitting around the internet, stopping at your work for a short period and moving on swiftly, making it difficult to build loyalty for your project. If you want to attract and retain more online visitors, visual content marketing strategy offers the best method.

The strategy involves using images, pictures, and videos paired with relevant information to provide meaningful information to your customers about your offer’s goods and services. Infographics play a significant role in promoting startups, while many massive companies have adopted videos as their mainstream marketing secret. Here are the reasons why you should introduce visual content marketing for your business now.

1. The use of visual content enhance credibility

One of the valid reasons businesses should incorporate visual content marketing is that most customers gauge their importance by seeing their quality images rather than reading reviews from other customers. This makes it easier to understand why leading companies and marketers have shifted their interest to visual content to drive traffic and generate traffic to their companies. So if you have not yet explored the potential of visual content, try it before your competitors utilize the chance to draw your potential customers.

2. Visual content marketing makes your targeted online visitors stay longer on your site

It is normal to get tired and bored when reading long texts and paragraphs. Customers will get tired and abandon your page without understanding your message when you only use text-based content marketing. With good visual content, your visitors will stay longer on your website, which can easily trigger their purchase decisions.

3. Visuals are more memorable

Research shows that 10% of viewers retain a text they have read after 72 hours, 65% recall an image they have seen, while a population of 95% remember a video they have watched. When people recognize your message, they are more likely to turn to you and become part of the loyal audience you intend to grow. Therefore, it is necessary to hire the right UI/UX designer to develop engaging visual content that is easily understandable to avoid confusing your target group.

4. Visual contents drive more social engagements

With the evolution in technology, social media marketing has become a powerhouse for generating engagement and interaction with online users. The power of social media can become better with the use of appealing visual content that attracts more social engagements. Visible contents are also more shareable, meaning that your work will be more shared, which could ultimately help to raise your brand awareness. Brands that have adopted visual content in their Facebook ads generate more than 65% of engagements within the first month of practice.

5. Vision content generates users actions more effectively

An essential part of marketing is achieving audience engagement. Once you get targeted traffic attention, you are likely to generate more sales which mean increased profit. The use of visual content marketing can efficiently achieve this for your business. According to a study, 40 per cent of online visitors are more likely to respond to visual content than content without graphic design.

6. Visual contents are known to influence human emotions

creating visual content with a vast explosion of colours can significantly influence your targeted audience senses as they influence human emotions. Studies have shown that specific colours or combinations affect human emotions and influence the viewer’s decision, such as influencing their buying decision. It is, therefore, necessary to create visuals taking into consideration f your target group.

7. Visuals are easy to comprehend

The visual marketing statistics group study proves that the human brain can comprehend visible data 60000 times faster than text-based content. With this in mind, visual content helps grab targeted audience attention and helps them understand the content better. It, therefore, becomes vital to hire the services of an established web design company to create appealing visuals to grab the attention of your targeted online visitors.

8. Improves brand awareness

Organizations that use only text-based content marketing find branding a challenging task. This is because, with text-based marketing, only your brand voice is represented in your brand identity. With visual content marketing, an organization has a broad scope of branding areas to play around with, meaning improved chances of creating brand awareness. Organizations with powerful marketing visuals can stand out from hundreds of competitors and become the talk of their niche markets.

According to Digital8, a digital marketing agency in Brisbane, visual content marketing is critical when drawing an audience and retaining an audience to your site. They provide a meaningful method of creating a trusting bond with your audience, which is significant when convincing them to purchase your products and services. No matter the business or activity you engage in, there is always room for visual content. Take advantage of this visually stimulating and engaging way to reach your targeted customers.

Patrick Watt is a content writer, writing in several areas, primarily in business growth, value creation, M&A, and finance. His other interests include content marketing and self-development. Say hi to Patrick on Twitter @patrickwattpat.

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