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8 Best (FREE) Web Development Courses for Beginners



8 Best (FREE) Web Development Courses for Beginners

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Web development is a fast growing, crowd loved career option that is the talk of the town nowadays. The web development career may be as simple or as complex based on the skills one possesses. Web development includes the actions of creating and designing web pages, applications, etc. One needs to learn the skills and concepts underlying web development in order to secure a career for him or her, if not an amateur learner. JavaScript is a better platform for web development as per the experts owing to its several advantages and benefits. Professionals undertake JavaScript Certification and JavaScript Training.

Below are 8 topmost preferred courses for the web development along with their unique features.

1. Khan academy

Founded by Mr. Salman Khan, the academy is a joint venture by Bangladeshi and American individuals. It was founded way back in the year of 2008. The tutorials and practice sets are available in several languages from all over the world including English. The ad free and spam free environment enriched with varied data and information regarding several topics comes for no cost.

2. Coursera

The founders of this website are Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. The website was first introduced in the year 2012 and is famous for being probably the best online course provider in any topic one could blindly put a finger on. With its headquarters at California, United States; Coursera provides some of the best video tutorials and practice sets in web development. While one can learn for free, the certification courses are paid.

3. HTML5 rocks

It is an exceptional resource for e – learning. The site also provides for sources one can visit for further learning. The site includes various materials that can be used by the netizens for to cite in their work and extend the resource’s use further.

4. Coding dojo algorithm prep

This course is totally free for whoever wants to undertake and get the best out of it. It is best for evaluating one’s talent and knowledge in the fundamental areas of web development and coding. A trainee can take hints while practicing to learn the methods of the experts which are available as video lectures.

5. Codecademy

It is an online platform that provides training and practice as well as evaluation in coding and web development. It includes varied training courses on several languages that can be taken advantage of by the trainee, for e.g., SQL, Java course, CSS, C++, etc. are some of the programming languages for which training is offered by the Codecademny. It was founded in the year 2011 and is based in New York.

6. MIT openCouurseware

This is a venture by the Massachusetts Institute of technology, US. It is an online platform where the said university uploads several training and guide materials for anyone to access and follow for free pertaining to engineering, coding and web development. The video files of the training courses are also available on several other platforms like YouTube, etc.

7. Mozilla developer network

This is also referred to as the MDN web docs recently. The name mentioned earlier is its initial name. This was launched in the year of 2005 and is still used and followed by developers and programmers all around the world and also from renowned IT organisations like the Microsoft, Samsung, Google, etc.

8. A list apart

A list apart can be deemed as a web magazine that compiles the practices, tools and skills related to web development and coding, programming. This was developed by Mr. Jeffrey Zeldman and is available in 2 languages such as English and Arabic. It was started in the year 2007.

Web development is a profitable yet difficult venture and needs sincere hard work and sometimes back up from expert and experienced. The coders and developers from all around the world come together to solve a problem over several platforms thus sharing their knowledge and guiding the wayward. The candidates aiming to get more skilled and clear in / about web development and coding can consider undertaking the above listed 8 outstanding sources of training courses in whichever platform they think fit. They have been compiled painstakingly for the better experience of the reader.

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