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8 Best CRMs for Real Estate Professionals




8 Best CRMs for Real Estate Professionals

Want to know the secret behind the success of leading companies like Keller Williams Realty and Coldwell Banker Real Estate? The straightforward answer is their excellent CRM.

More customers mean more profit and more chances to grow.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is the way how you cater to your potential or existing customers. Real Estate Companies use the latest technology in Customer Relationship Management Software to

– Efficiently Manage Time
– Adapt According To The Company’s Requirements
– Create Healthy Relations With Customers
– Automate Workflow
– Require Little To No Input By The User
– Generate Sales Reports

CRM software is more than just software that you purchase. It is a strategy to ensure the success of your work and increase profits. CRMs help in understanding client’s requirements and delivering them efficiently to maximize value.

Using good CRM software will help businesses gain loyal customers and make your name in the market. Although there are many CRMs suitable for the real estate market, here are the top 8 ones:

Top 8 Real Estate CRMs

Whether provided by an individual or a company, real estate services need smart software to maintain profitable relationships with clients. This list will give you the top 8 options of CRM software for real estate professionals.

1. Contactually

Contactually knows how to make old customers coming back to you through its customizable referral marketing features. It also knows how to attract more clients for you through automated marketed campaigns.

A few of Contactually’s many features include automated daily messages, mobile applications for android and iPhones to keep data handy, and insights to contact relationships.

The most noticeable feature contractually is the bucket system. These buckets organize and prioritize contacts so that the follow-up process can be made easy and can be done in a targeted manner.

Buckets help in organizing your database, so it looks less overwhelming. You can set reminders separately for each bucket so that dealings don’t mess up.

Best Features

– Generate convertible leads by building automated and personalized marketing campaigns
– Strong referral marketing features to attract existing clients


Contactually offers two plans; these are; are professional and accelerator. The prices start at $69 for professional and $119 for accelerator plans monthly. Each of the plans can be tried out for free for a period of two weeks.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-rounder CRM software that will help your business reach new heights. HubSpot believes in making things easy for you and your client; it provides many templates and automation to quickly and efficiently get the tasks done.

HubSpot schedules meeting and automate your tasks. It also analyzes customer feedback and turns it into business strategies. With HubSpot CRM, you can sell to more consumers in a better way.

Best Features

– HubSpot has features like marketing automation, lead generation, and analytics that work strategically to turn visitors into clients by running efficient marketing campaigns.


Basics for HubSpot are free, although premium accounts are paid. Their prices range from $50 to $180 per user per month, and a team of 10 people can avail their plans starting at $500 per month.

3. Streak

Streak is a perfect CRM solution for real estate management. It allows automation, collaboration, and monitoring tools to turn leads into customers and optimize real estate processes.

It helps you in managing and sharing documents and tracking progress. Streak also allows your employees to connect collaborate through the software for synergies. You can set permissions for connected users.

Best Features

– Streak connects to your Gmail, a platform easy and convenient to use by everyone. It saves time since you won’t have to spend nights understanding how it works.
– Snippets within the software make messaging easy. You don’t have to invest time in typing out messages.
– It allows you to manage your workflow from your inbox through built-in connectivity tools.
– Allows you to track your pipeline.
– Provides access on mobile devices through mobile applications.


You can add it to your Gmail for free; however, you need to purchase plans starting as low as $15 per month.

4. Propertybase

Unlike traditional CRM, Propertybase follows a unique style and gives you much more than just CRM. It also offers marketing, lead generation tools and, website building.

Propertybase has many features; it has got you covered with anything and everything that you will need to manage your business and increase revenue. It is a complex software mainly recommended for bigger companies.
Propertbase manages your operations so you can focus on what you do best – selling!

Best Features

Some of the unique features that Propertybase offers at a competitive market price are:
– Smart Database Listings
– MLS Integration
– Automated Workflow
– Analytic
– Keeping Checks On Commissions


You need to get in touch with Propertybase to customize a plan according to your needs, and their representatives will guide you on how much it’ll cost.


CINC’s mission is to treat your business like their own; they offer training and assistance to make things work out for you. It is best for both individuals and companies.

CINC promises consumer engagement from start to finish. Engaging with clients to keep them coming back is very important. CINC knows how to do it with its innovative build.

Best Features

– CINC Will Convert Leads Into Actual Buyers Through Its Lead Management And Lead Nurturing Processes
– Identifies Business Itself And Create Marketing Plans Accordingly
– Extremely User-Friendly Design, Easy To Use
– Ensures Engagement With Customers


CINC plans start from $600 and go as high as $1200 for individual users per month. Team plans start from $1500 per month. Indeed CINC is a pricey pick but worth the price. It is nothing compared to the ROI it will generate.

6. Real Geeks

The main purpose of CRMs is to save time and money. Real Geeks is built with all features that will save a lot of money for real estate professionals.

Real geek promises high engagement by automatically generating email and SMS notifications. All conversations are synchronized automatically to the agent’s email and fed in the CRM.

Best Features

– Its intelligent system allows the software to study the interests of the client, helping the agent in taking follow-ups.
– It also notifies the agent about the social presence of the leads.
– Automatic reminders for appointments can also be set up using Real Geeks.


Real Geeks is $249 per month for one or two users. $25 is charged per month for additional users. They also have an option for add-on features such as a property evaluation tool, which costs around $50 per month.

7. Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a simple and affordable option among real estate CRMs. It is the perfect software for small teams.

Their customer service itself is outstanding. Support to clients of Wise Agent is available 24/7. Wise Agent also provides training to its users to make the most out of this software.

Best Features

Noticeable features in Wise Agent that would attract real estate professional are:

– Drip Marketing Campaigns
– Efficient Reporting Tools
– Social Media Integrations
– Unlimited Storage For Documents
– Customizable Landing Pages
– Text Messaging
– Team Features
– Managing Contacts
– Time Management Settings
– Transaction Management Settings


Prices for this CRM software begin at $29 per month. There is no free version available. However, you can avail a 5 weeks free trial before you start paying.

8. The Real Estate CRM

The Real Estate CRM is also one of the top-ranked software for real estate CRM. It is easy to use, and real estate agents can get used to it in little to no time.

Communication is the best feature of The Real Estate CRM; the conversations generated by this tool will keep your customers connected to you. It is the best solution to customer support and related problems. Its features reduce human workload visibly.

Best Features

– It is customizable, according to the user’s requirements.
– It helps you make calls and generate responses automatically.


The Real Estate CRM allows a 30 days free trial, after which you will be charged for the plan that you choose. Plans offered by the CRM tool vary in price depending on the features offered.

Does CRM Actually Work for Real Estate?

CRMs reduce the human workload and save time by automating multiple tasks. This helps in attracting companies to choose to buy CRM software.

For leading real estate professionals, the software mentioned above are the best. Most of these offer basic modes for free. Upgrades can be done depending on the company’s requirements. Choose what fits best for you and start increasing your profits from the first day.

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