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5 Steps to Make Your Home a Feel Good Place



5 Steps to Make Your Home a Feel Good Place


Over the past year, we have been forced to isolate at home with family or alone, and chances are, we are still not close to returning to our usual daily lives. We had to adjust to spending all of our time indoors working remotely, exercising at home, and trying to manage it all without losing our minds.

This alone is challenging enough for our mental health, especially if you find that your home could use a touch-up. Many took to redecorating their living spaces in an effort to make it more pleasant and inviting and thus make this whole situation a bit easier.

You can turn your home into a feel-good place in just a few simple steps. Below, we show you how.

1. Declutter Your Rooms

Declutter Your Rooms


Over the years, things pile up until we can’t find space for them in our homes anymore. This is especially a problem if you live in a small apartment and don’t have much storage space.

While some people don’t mind the mess, others find it impossible to focus on work or to relax in a cluttered environment. It makes us anxious. Similarly, we tend to feel better and more energized in a tidy, neat space.

Therefore, your first step towards turning your home into a feel-good space should be to tidy up and throw out any items you don’t need. Place some items in closets, donate things that are in good condition but you no longer need them and declutter your home.

Not only will it be aesthetically more pleasing compared to before, but you will also feel somehow lighter and better.

2. Reorganize Your Space

Reorganize Your Space


You might be eager to replace all your old furniture with new pieces but wait. Maybe you just need to see things with fresh eyes. Rearrange some of your furniture. Try to change your home décor by simply rearranging chairs, tables, and other things to get a new layout. You don’t have to be an interior designer to do this. Seek some inspiration on Pinterest to get ideas.

It will be a pleasant change and you might come to like all your furniture again. On the plus side, you may get more natural light by moving your sofas and chairs. You will benefit from that in more than one way.

3. Bring Nature In

Bring Nature In - home feel good


It is impossible to separate a pleasant, feel-good ambiance from nature. After all, spending time in natural settings reduces our stress levels, boosts our mood as well as our well-being. Just because you live in a building in a crowded city doesn’t mean that your home can’t be a true haven that breathes nature.

Try to surround yourself with as many organic, sustainable materials and elements as possible. Of course, plants are the obvious first choice here since they’re pleasantly green and clean your air. Beyond that, plants also help keep pests away. Place some air-purifying plants in your bedroom, bathroom, as well as your office room. You’ll instantly feel better just at the sight of them.

Apart from plants, there are other natural materials and details you can incorporate into your home decor. Wood is known as the most sustainable natural material that brings about that warm ambiance to your home. If you are thinking of getting some wooden furniture for your home, make your bedroom your priority. This is where you rest, energize, and feel safe. Therefore, it is imperative that you feel good here. Additionally, bedroom furniture made of wood is highly durable so you will get good value for your money.

4. Brighten Up Your Home with New Colors

Brighten Up Your Home with New Colors - home feel good


Colors are more important for your mood than you might think. Soft, pastel colors are beneficial to your health as they are known for their calming properties. On the other hand, intense colors like bright yellow or bright red can contribute to your anxiety.

If your home lacks color or your walls are painted in a depressive hue, add some pops of colors. It will transform your living space. You can paint a single wall in light green or peach hue or check out some Pantone shades for inspiration.

Additionally, you can add some colorful cushions or artwork to your living room. Incorporate some decorative pieces or even sheets in colors that bring you joy.

5. Create a Pleasant Ambiance

Create a Pleasant Ambiance - home feel good


The final touch and an essential bit for creating a pleasant, feel-good ambiance is adding little details such as candles. Scented candles not only smell divine but observing candlelight is soothing and romantic. You can place a few candlelights around your bathtub for a spa-like mood. Place a few on your coffee table so that you can enjoy them while you sip your coffee.

Besides candles, items that can contribute to a nice ambiance are books, fresh flowers on your kitchen table, fragrances for your home, cozy pillows, etc. Giant shelves filled with books always look so cozy and inviting in magazines so if you like and own plenty of books, put them where you can see them.

Get an indoor fountain to unwind with the relaxing sounds of water. Finally, surround yourself with things that you find visually appealing and calming to turn your home into a sanctuary.

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