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5 Reasons You Should Buy Pre-Written Essays



5 Reasons You Should Buy Pre-Written Essays

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Essay writing is a core component of the academic experience. An essay as an assignment carries significant weightage in a student’s grade, which adds to its importance. An assignment is stressful, but many students cannot help but succumb under the intense stress when you combine it with a fast-approaching deadline.

At a strenuous time like this, students often find it challenging to write a high-quality essay. You may wonder how some students are always on top of their assignments despite the immense workload. These students often use essay writing services like writepaper or These services exist solely to share and lessen student’s academic burdens. A student can choose to buy a pre-written essay and manage their academic obligations. Buying a pre written essay has a plethora of benefits for students.

1. Cheap Price

As a student, you are always on a budget. You cannot splurge on the finer things in life, including getting customized essays written for yourself. Now, you do not need to worry about your wallet when you want someone to write a paper for you. All you need to do is to buy pre written essays.

Many writing services understand that students have financial constraints. To cater to the students, they also provide pre-written essays. These pre-written assignments are affordable on a student budget. There are different categories, such as three-page essays, one-page paper, or a 6-page paper. A student can choose from the different options depending on the type of paper they require. Each category is priced differently to meet the financial and academic needs of different students.

In addition to the affordable prices, these services also offer several types of discounts such as;

1. If you are a first-time customer, you can get a discount of 5 – 15%.

2. You can get a seasonal discount during exam season.

3. They also offer discount and coupon codes that offer discounts up to 25%.

2. The possibility of choice

With pre-written essays, students have a plethora of options to choose from. The choices are divided based on two categories;

1. Length of the paper;

2. The topic of the paper.

Professors assign different types of assignments, so the size of the document varies as well. For this reason, the writing services offer different types of essays length-wise. The most common length types are one-page, 2 page essay, and 6-page documents.

These writing services cater to students from different colleges and of different academic levels, so they know there is no one standard type of assignment. They make it easier for students to choose by offering a variety of papers on each topic. These topics spread across different educational fields such as history, English literature, chemistry, molecular biology, and many more.

For example, if the student wants an essay regarding world war 2, the pre written essays will have a variety of topics like;

  • The events of the World War;
  • Hitler contribution to the World;
  • How the World changed as a consequence of the second world war.

These are just some examples; the service will offer many more options.

3. It Saves Your Time

The one thing students are constantly struggling with is time. They do not have enough time to stay on top of the ever-growing academic tasks, maintain a social life, and work part-time. One of the biggest reasons to buy pre written essays for students is that they save time.

As students are often short on time, it is impossible to write a high-quality essay from scratch. At this point, it is very costly to get a customized essay written as well. Your best bet is to choose from hundreds of pre-written papers from a writing service as a student.

Pre-written papers are particularly beneficial when students have a fast-approaching deadline. It is not rare to have an essay due within just one hour. With such a limited time frame, a student can simply go online and select a paper that meets their requirement. It is a hassle-free process and the already written essays aid students in managing their academics and creating a balance with their social lives.

Reasons You Should Buy Pre-Written Essays

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

4. It Increases Your Grade

The writing services employ highly skilled writers with several years of experience. All the writers have at least a bachelor’s degree, while the majority have a master’s degree as well. These professional writers are well-versed in the requirements of academic assignments at the college level, so they know exactly what to write and how to write it.

Moreover, these services employ writers from different educational fields. It ensures that the paper will be of high quality irrespective of the topic or field it is related to. Unlike a student who has a deadline, when a writer writes one of these pre-written essays, they have no shortage of time. It allows them to have ample time to conduct thorough research on the topic research. All these factors contribute to your grade. The professional writers meet all the requirements that even you do not know of.

Moreover, these pre-written essays are professionally formatted and undergo several levels of proofreading to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. They also cross-reference every fact to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the paper. It increases your chances of getting a better grade than you could have gotten if you decided to write it yourself in a limited time.

5. Non-plagiarized

Writing services focus on creating plagiarism-free papers as it is one of their core benefits. This benefit also extends from customized assignments to pre-written papers. A writing service allows you to read only a limited portion of the essay and briefly describes the content. It prevents students from copying the content without actually buying the paper.

Most writing services have a transfer of ownership policy with these pre-written essays. The policy states that after a student has purchased an essay, it is removed from the writing services list, and the student now owns it. The service will not sell the essay to any other student.

Many writing services also provide a complimentary plagiarism report with each pre-written paper. The plagiarism report serves as a guarantee that the document is authentic and that any additional information has been accurately cited to give credit where it is due.

For a student, writing an essay is one of the most challenging tasks in their academic lives. Much to their dismay, not every student is skilled enough to write an essay that guarantees an A grade. These students need not worry as writing services offer pre-written essays to solve this dilemma.

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