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5 Best Locations to Advertise in Florida



5 Best Locations to Advertise in Florida

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Advertising in Florida is an excellent idea no matter your brand or its industry. As one of the most populous states in the US, Florida is ripe for marketing opportunities, particularly if you want to attract both locals and international tourists – after all, Florida is renowned around the world for its theme parks, beaches, and delicious food!

But if you want your advertising to go well in the Sunshine State, you need to know where to advertise most effectively. Today, let’s break down five of the best locations to advertise in Florida, whether you plan to put up billboard ads, stadium ads, or other advertising materials.

1. Miami

Miami is Florida’s second most populous city overall. Therefore, it’s one of the best markets for advertising in the Sunshine State.

In Miami, you’ll benefit from billboard ads and any other out-of-home media you can think of. Given its location as a coastal city, Miami is popular both among locals and among tourists who show up for the beautiful beaches and for all of the vacationing opportunities.

Nearly 470,000 people live in Miami alone. Small and large businesses alike can both use out-of-home advertising to grow their brands and attract new customers. Billboard ads may be particularly effective in this city, as there are over 3000 total out-of-home advertising options to take advantage of, with an average cost of just $620 per advertising slot (though this can be more expensive as well).

Keep in mind that Miami is also home to several freeways and major roads that lead deep into the heart of the city. With that in mind, it might be worthwhile to place high-quality billboard ads along those freeways (in both directions) to advertise to people coming and going from the city all year long.

2. Jacksonville

Then there’s Jacksonville: one of the most important cities in Florida overall, especially because it is the most populous. Nearly 1 million people live in Jacksonville, but that doesn’t account for all of the surrounding towns in the Jacksonville metropolitan area. Total potential customers is likely much higher.

While it may not be as well known to tourists as places like Miami or Orlando, make no mistake, Jacksonville is a very popular city in this state. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from out-of-home media campaigns. There are over 1300 advertising options for billboards and other out-of-home media vectors.

That said, Jacksonville billboards and other out-of-home ads cost nearly $2000 on average for about 400,000 median impressions. Jacksonville billboards could be a great way to advertise to Florida residents more than other demographics (though there are some tourists who pass through this city as well).

Just like Miami, Jacksonville is a hub for several different freeways, including Interstate 95. Place billboards strategically along these freeways to get your ads in front of a lot of eyeballs.

3. Tampa

Tampa, Florida, is the third most populous city in Florida, so it’s a great place to set up advertisements. Whether you choose to place ads along the freeways leading to this coastal city or you place ads within Tampa itself, you’ll be sure to get a lot of impressions.

Tampa ads can be placed around the Tampa metropolitan area, or you can place them on bridges leading to nearby St. Petersburg. Tampa holds nearly 400,000 people, so out-of-home advertising can be effective if you craft your billboard and other ads to be compelling and engaging from the get-go.

4. Orlando

Don’t forget Orlando, Florida. While it’s not a coastal city, Orlando is still a major hub for tourists and vacationers alike. Orlando is close to many major theme parks like Walt Disney World, so it gets millions of people passing through every year. Orlando could arguably be the best place to advertise in Florida if you want to capture international traffic or if your target demographic is more likely to be travelers rather than longtime state residents.

Surprisingly, the average cost for an out-of-home media ad in Florida is relatively affordable at $550.

5. Tallahassee

Last but not least is Tallahassee. This populist Florida city is close to the Georgia border, but it’s also an important travel destination for commuters and for international businesspeople.

Tallahassee out-of-home media slots are pretty affordable at about $756 for over 200,000 impressions on average. That said, Tallahassee’s billboard and other ad spots are much more limited at below 500, so you may need to compete with other organizations for the best advertising locations.

In the end, advertising in any one of these five cities is a great idea to reinvigorate your marketing efforts and bring more traffic than ever to your brand. If you have an online store, get ready for many more visitors! If you have a retail location, advertising in Florida could very well bring more foot traffic into your store than you anticipate. Good luck!

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