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4 of the Craziest Rules for “The Masked Singer” Contestants



4 of the Craziest Rules for The Masked Singer Contestants

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When it comes to rules, “The Masked Singer” goes to a lot of extremes to keep the viewers guessing; a lot of measures are constantly in place to keep the contestants’ identities a secret. Here are four wild rules for contestants you might not have known about.

Communication Must Be Kept to a Minimum

If you thought contestants were chatting with Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke backstage, think again — the performers are kept in a completely separate area from the judges, and the only time both parties can interact is briefly onstage. For added anonymity, all contestants are scheduled to rehearse and perform on-set at different times. In short, the contestants aren’t allowed to interact with each other for any reason.

Contestants Can Only Work With Their Designated Team

Each contestant is assigned an exclusive team of production specialists, voice coaches and choreographers for their performances, so no two performers can work with the same person. This helps keep all contestants in the dark about each others’ identities, and helps prevent information from leaking to the public. The performers have plenty of time to get familiar with their teams, however; in fact, each celebrity is required to attend pre-show meetings and fittings before each episode.

Phones Are Absolutely Prohibited On-Site

Since confidentiality is of the utmost importance, absolutely no one is allowed to have phones on set. This extends to the panel of judges, celebrity contestants and even audience members! Furthermore, everyone involved in the show (including the audience members) is required to sign non-disclosure agreement before even setting foot in the studio. If you’ve ever hoped to watch an episode live, be prepared to sacrifice your phone privileges beforehand!

Contestant’ Associates Must Remain Confidential

Keeping in line with anonymity, even the contestants’ guests are required to disguise their identities. In fact, any friends or family members watching live in the audience are required to wear elaborate masks at all times — this helps prevent anyone from discovering a performer’s identity by association. What’s more, contestants aren’t even allowed to drive themselves to the studio! All performers are picked up and dropped off in unmarked service cars for additional secrecy.

If you’ve ever wondered how “The Masked Singer” keeps surprising you, this is only a glimpse into the massive list of rules performers are required to follow! Contestants, crew members, judges and even audience members go to great lengths to keep the experience fun and mysterious for everyone.

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