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3 Reasons Inverter Battery Prices Vary from Model to Model



3 Reasons Inverter Battery Prices Vary from Model to Model

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Our dependence on electricity has grown more than ever. Today we cannot imagine a few hours, let alone an entire day, without electrical appliances. From the minute that we wake up, we find ourselves surrounded by a host of electronic devices that don’t just make our lives easy but also sustain a major part of our day-to-day routine.

In such a scenario, power cuts and outages can cause major hassles and disrupt our daily plans. This is why, to ensure an uninterrupted flow of electricity, even during power outages, we invest in power backup devices like inverters. Inverters allow a smooth and almost seamless supply of electricity, preventing us from facing any trouble during power cuts.

However, an inverter cannot work independently. It requires an inverter battery to store the electricity and supply it at the time of power cuts. An inverter battery is essentially the heart of the inverter that supports its smooth functioning.

This is why it is important to get not only a good quality inverter but also an equally efficient and effective inverter battery. These days there are a number of good quality batteries available in the market. However, the inverter battery prices seem to vary a lot. This is because of some critical reasons that you must know of. Here we share a list of these reasons to help you understand why inverter battery prices vary from model to model and how much should you pay for your inverter battery.

Battery Capacity

Every household has different power requirements. This depends on the kind of appliances you need to run, and the duration and frequency of the power cuts faced by your locality. This is why you need to get an inverter battery that would supply enough power to support your requirements and not leave you stuck in case of a prolonged power cut.

You need to consider the battery’s capacity in order to understand how much power it will supply and will it be enough to support your essential appliances. This capacity plays a role in determining the inverter battery prices; the more the capacity, the more the inverter battery price.

Warranty and Guarantee

If you’re already spending a lot of money on a battery for your inverter, you wouldn’t want to spend even more money if it gets damaged or breaks down. This is why it is important to look for options that come with a reasonable warranty period. These batteries might be available at high inverter battery prices but the money that you would otherwise have to spend on repairs or replacements would be much higher.

This is why it is always advisable to go for inverter batteries with long warranty and guarantee periods so that you don’t have to shell a fortune each time your inverter battery breaks down.


An inverter battery is a significant purchase and not something you would like to replace every now and then. It is important to do your research and invest in a good quality battery from reputable, well-known brands. Good quality, branded batteries might be available at slightly higher inverter battery prices, but their durability and low maintenance costs make them a great investment.

There are excellent brands like Luminous offering high-quality inverter batteries that you could pick for your home inverters. To know more about their offerings, head to their website today.

So, here were a few factors that influence inverter battery prices. While you might have to spend some extra money on good quality batteries, but these batteries work efficiently and keep unnecessary hassles at bay, making them a worthy investment.

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