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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Roofing Company



3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Roofing Company

Having your roof replaced is one of the biggest expenses you’ll have to deal with as a homeowner and you have to choose who you’re going to award the job to wisely. Choose the wrong contractor and you could end up dealing with the consequences for years. You might experience several issues, need to replace the roof earlier than expected, or have trouble getting your warranty honored. They could even take your money and vanish into thin air. Let’s take a look at a few mistakes to avoid when hiring a roofing company.

Not Checking their Reputation

The worst thing you could do is hire a contractor without checking what people have had to say about them. Don’t fall for the discount and sales pitches and always look at their reviews first. You can also go by word of mouth and follow up on any company that is recommended to you. You’ll quickly start hearing some names coming back over and over again. This will usually be a sign of a company you can trust.

If you live in Michigan, for instance, you’ll often hear Rock Solid Exteriors mentioned as the best roofing company in Michigan. That’s because they have been serving the community for years and have a solid reputation for top-quality products and great after-care service. So, if you hear a name come up more than twice, look into them in detail and ask to talk with people they’ve worked with before.

Working with a Storm Chasers

If someone comes to your door after a major weather event and claims that they can give you a discount or that you can put the job on your insurer’s tab, close the door right away. You might be face to face with either a scammer or a very bad contractor. Good contractors don’t have to go around knocking on doors making false promises to get clientele. They let their reputation speak for itself. Trying to get one over your insurance company is also very bad news and could land you in serious trouble, so don’t fall for this.

Not Looking Over the Details

Another mistake people make is not looking at contracts closely enough. A lot of roofing contractors will take advantage of this and leave some very important details out. If you don’t put a limit on how much the contractor can spend, they could claim that some materials cost more than expected and charge you extra at the end of the job. Or they could cheat you and use the cheapest materials possible.

Everything should be written down on paper, from who’s responsible for removing and disposing of the old roof to what type of material will be used for everything. There should also be a clear timeline for the project with a detailed warranty on their craftsmanship. This warranty should include the length of the job, what the end result should look like, and how follow-up repairs will be handled.

These are all serious mistakes that you should avoid when working with a roofing company. Finding a great contractor shouldn’t be an issue as long as you know how to spot an unqualified or potentially fraudulent one fast.

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