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12 Scents That Will Make You More Productive [Infographic]



12 Scents That Will Make You More Productive infographic

Do you find yourself in a funk on Sunday evenings thinking about returning to your workplace? There are usually a variety of reasons that can contribute to tension and stress at your job. But one of the biggest culprits is simply the fact that you aren’t able to be fully present when you’re at work.

If you find that you have trouble concentrating, don’t always get all of your tasks done on time, or aren’t able to communicate your ideas or approaches in a way that is well received by your co-workers–you aren’t alone. Many people have these kinds of challenges at work that can make it very difficult to maintain a positive outlook when it comes to your career. And of course, stress at your job can bleed over to other parts of your life, and more generally make your life full of tension.

Luckily, scientific research has been exploring a new approach to ensuring that you get the most out of your day and improve your overall experience at work. And the answers they are discovering may surprise you. Instead of taking the latest vitamin supplement or green smoothie recipe, scientists are focusing on something even more simple: aromatherapy. That’s right, by smelling specific scents of a few select plants, you can vastly improve your performance at work.

Essential oils have been having a bit of a Renaissance lately because of renewed scientific interest in studying their effects. Research is steadily demonstrating that there are incredible benefits of utilizing essential oils in your day to day life. Popular scents like peppermint and cinnamon that are already found in many foods and drinks actually have scientifically proven benefits to your productivity and attention span.

So if you’re looking for a creative way to get on top of your work life and even perform at a level that you’ve never experienced before, consider exploring the top scents to increase productivity in the infographic below. There you’ll discover which scents will work best for you and specifically how you should incorporate them into your routine so you can be at your best everyday.

12 Scents That Will Make You More Productive [Infographic]

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