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12 Great Architecture Scholarships in the U.S. in 2021



12 Great Architecture Scholarships in the U.S. in 2021

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Have you ever dreamed about a city where everything is perfectly created? Indeed, if you want to be an architect, this is one of your wildest desires. Projecting and building are broad processes that still require knowledge on many narrow studies. Architects should have artistic views and be acknowledged in physics, engineering, and mechanical sciences.

Being professional is an essential requirement for those who want to work in architecture. Still, it is challenging to get the knowledge that you can apply in a different career later. When studying, you need to write a lot, sometimes get help with essay writing, and understand the basic principles of managing to build and the designing processes. In this article, we will help you to identify which scholarship on architecture will suit your needs.

1. The Fence Authority Scholarship Program, West Chester, Pennsylvania

If you are currently studying or accepted in an accredited college, you have a chance to be eligible for The Fence Authority Scholarship Program. Applicants must pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees in marine sciences, architecture, environmental design, civil engineering, land planning, landscape architecture, or urban design.

2. FFGC Scholarship, Tallahassee, Florida

High school graduates can quickly try to submit an FFGC Scholarship. Undergraduate and graduate students attending ecology, landscape design/architecture, agriculture, city planning, horticulture, or forestry are highly welcomed. The main eligibility criteria are for students residing in Florida who attend local colleges with a minimum GPA of 3.0 can apply.

3. LEAF Scholarship, Sacramento, California

If you are currently enrolled in a landscape-related degree course, The LEAF Scholarship is your chance to study effortlessly. You should take at least six credits to become eligible for this grant. Those who attend a state university in California or an accredited community college can apply for this scholarship by April 15, 2021.

4. Leland R. Dahlgren Scholarship Fund, Washburn, Yarmouth, Maine

Graduates of Yarmouth District High School and Washburn District High School in Maine have great opportunities to get scholarship funds. Students attending a two or four-year course in a building or construction-related program can apply for financial support.

5. Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Undergraduate Scholarship

This undergraduate scholarship is available in five U.S. regions for students who are striving to work with reinforced concrete and majoring in civil, construction, or architectural engineering. Requirements include a GPA of 3.25 or higher and U.S. citizenship. This is a $,3000 non-renewable grant given to the best matching candidates.

6. Dietz & Company Architects Scholarship Fund, Hamden, Connecticut

Submit this prestigious annual scholarship if you are a student from Hamden, Franklin, or Hampshire counties. Majors with an excellent academic record in architecture have the chance to get an $8,000 scholarship grant. Meanwhile, preference is on the side who have completed their undergraduate degree and are enrolled in a graduate study.

7. Advancement of Construction Technology Scholarship at CMCC, Auburn, Maine

Consider this financial aid offer if you are a student who resides in Maine and is currently attending the Central Maine Community College. A total amount of $500 is granted to qualified students acutely claiming a career in architectural/engineering technologies, building construction, or mechanical drafting.

8. ACI James Instruments Student Award for Research on NDT of Concrete, Chicago, Illinois

If you work on research in non-destructive testing of concrete, you have a chance to get this unique scholarship. To get a $1,500 grant award for original work, applicants should attend a degree program at an accredited institution at the graduate or undergraduate level. Students should also have an ACI student membership to be eligible for financial support.

9. Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship, Washington, District of Columbia

This is a financial grant both for U.S. and international students in the final year of their undergraduate degree in landscape architecture. Applicants’ selection is based on their collaboration in public design spaces, where they had practice with landscape features, amenities implementation, and developed social interaction and communicative skills.

10. Vectorworks Design Scholarship, Columbia, Maryland

Get a chance to participate in a prestigious design competition. Here graduates and undergraduates fight in a competition for a $3,000 education fund. Both U.S. and international students can be considered for a grant. To be eligible, you need to submit an original project and attend a design-oriented program.

11. Houzz Residential Design Scholarship, Palo Alto, California

Houzz is an excellent finding for future architectures because this company offers multiple scholarships in various fields. As one of the most generous grants, students can apply for funding of $2,500. Everyone who meets the requirements can pursue a degree in sustainable residential design, architecture, or interior design. You can enroll by maintaining graduate or undergraduate level.

12. Alfred T. Granger Student Art Fund Scholarship, Winooski, Vermont

If you want to get a degree in architecture and are a resident of Vermont, this scholarship is meant for you. Study such exact subjects as architectural engineering and mechanical drawing or more art-oriented interior design, lighting design, and studio art. To apply for this grant, you should also attend an accredited institute with federal funding approval.

Let your heart choose the best one, and you’ll never regret what you build!

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