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12 Deskercises to Relieve Posture Pain



12 Deskercises to Relieve Posture Pain

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Working from home has its perks but for many, it can be easy to feel glued to your desk with little flexibility for breaks. Whether you’re new to the remote world or have been working from home for some time now, it’s inevitable for your body to feel strained as you spend hours in the same position. Limiting mobility at your desk can increase your chances of getting workplace injuries. Especially now that many of us are working alone in our homes, you might feel less inclined to take breaks and stretch out your legs.

Deskercise or exercise that can be performed at your desk can help mitigate aches and pains while simultaneously reducing stress and increasing energy. Just like a morning routine or workout, desk stretches can supercharge your day and help you feel more alert and productive.

If your immediate thought is that you are too busy for deskercise, you’ll be surprised to hear that many of these stretches can be done without leaving your workspace. Whether you try them during an off camera conference call or while you are drinking your morning coffee they are easy to incorporate into your schedule. Our favorite is Hamstring Chair Stretch to loosen up tight leg muscles from sitting.

To help get you familiar with other moves the folks at Tommy John created a guide to desk stretching that offers 12 different postures geared at relieving pain.

Explore their visual below to get deskercising!

12 Deskercises to Relieve Posture Pain


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