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What You Need to Create and Sell Your Own Stickers



Create and Sell Your Own Stickers

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If you are a new or seasoned business owner and you are looking to boost your brand through unique stickers, it can be a daunting task-especially if you’re creating those stickers yourself. You have to gather the right tools, design the sticker, and then print them all.

While this is a guide to what you will need to create your own stickers to sell, if you’re not intending to create stickers this guide can still be helpful for any personal packaging or shipping labels you may want for your business.

What You Will Need

Stickers can provide a great way to boost your brand’s awareness and give personality to your business. Though, achieving the correct reaction from customers with those stickers means having the right materials. You will need materials like:

– Design and Illustration Tools
– Design Software Program
– Sticker Paper
– Printer
– Cutting Paper

Design Tools and Programs

There are several types of design and illustration tools that you can use to create the right look for your sticker. First, you’ll need a device such as a tablet or a laptop capable of illustrations to draw and design on. You’ll also want to invest in a good design program such as Adobe, SketchUp, or Autodesk. Most of those programs can seem overwhelming with all of their features and options, it can be helpful to watch some tutorials offered by those programs companies or on YouTube before beginning.

The Right Stickers

While almost all types of sticker paper function with an adhesive backing, and there are different ways that stickers are applied such as transfer stickers and kiss-cut stickers. Despite the various methods of applying stickers, there are three general types of sticker paper that are most commonly used.

Matte Stickers

Resembling computer paper, matte sticker paper does not have a glossy surface. This paper tends to absorb printer ink, so often as you print, the design can come out faded. This type of sticker paper is commonly used for shipping labels.

Glossy Stickers

With glossy sticker paper, the ink sits on top of the paper. Because of this, designs look bright and vibrant on glossy paper, just like they would appear on your computer screen.

Vinyl Stickers

Often the most expensive sticker paper, vinyl has high quality and durability. Because of the high cost, it is typically ordered in bulk. It’s thick, waterproof, and UV-protected, so it won’t fade as easily. These are found on vehicles, skateboards, and helmets.

The Sticker Printer

As you go about selecting your sticker material, it’s important to make sure that the material is compatible with your sticker printer. Most sticker paper packaging notes what type of printer it’s suited for.

There are typically two types of printers to choose from Inkjet printers and Laser printers.

Inkjet printers use dye and pigment-based ink making them great for stickers that are mostly images. They are widely used in homes and require lower print volume than laser printers. This type of printer is great for small businesses.

Laser printers use toner powder to print text and images. They can also print at faster speeds than inkjet printers, making them useful for larger businesses that require high-volume printing, like food label printing.

Tools that Cut

Lastly, you’ll need cutting tools that are able to shape your stickers into your desired patter. These tools range from scissors to exacto knives to critcuts. In the end, the right cutting tool will depend on your business’s needs and the quantity you choose to print your stickers in.

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