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What Is The Importance Of Accommodation In Tourism



What Is The Importance Of Accommodation In Tourism

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Tourism is a huge income earner in Kenya and many countries across the globe. It is a big part of the GDP, making it integral to the nation’s economy. Tourism and hospitality go hand in hand. Both industries support each other; whenever one sector is on the decline, the other also takes a hit. Accommodation is part of tourism because it provides visitors with a place to stay whenever they visit a particular destination. That is one among many other functions that are listed below.

Tourists can choose hotels for their accommodation. Also, rental houses have become very popular as an accommodation option for tourists. There are many homes available for rent for visitors to find on Hauzisha in areas like Nairobi that are popular with tourists. Spaces like this are at the core of hospitality in the tourism industry.


When you are travelling to an unknown destination, you might be concerned about your safety. That is especially true if you are travelling alone. You are more vulnerable to a possible attack, or you might need help finding your way somewhere. Suitable accommodation provides travellers with a safe place to call their home for the trip. Here, strangers are protected from unwanted approaches and any physical danger. They can also ask for guidance when moving around the area.


Your place of accommodation can also be where you get your food during the trip. Hotels often have restaurants where guests can choose from various meals during their stay in the facility. Some vacation rentals also provide visitors with breakfast, which is a great way to save time and money as you travel. It is also an effortless way to get your food.


Tourism and travel go hand in hand. You might travel for miles to get to your intended destination as a tourist. While countries are now almost entirely interconnected by the airline industry, some are very far from each other. The accommodation provides an option for when you have to rest after taking a long flight. An illustration of this is the many hotels that are strategically built around airports. Many vacation rentals around Nairobi also strive to offer convenient access to the airport, making it easier for tourists to move back and forth.


While tourism primarily involves visiting a natural attraction or a historic monument, that is not always the case. Sometimes, you will see a destination to relax and unwind at your accommodation. For instance, most honeymoon destinations are set up like that. Your hotel or resort is the central part of your experience. As such, most of these facilities curate experiences for their visitors, primarily confined to where they will be staying for their trip.

Rest and recovery

When you visit a new area as a tourist, you will be inclined to tour as many places as possible during the day. Since most people’s vacations only last a few days, they are likely to try many activities within a short time. One is often tired and in need of sleep. Your hotel or apartment is where you can rent and refresh in preparation for a new tour the next day.


People on vacation or tourists prefer to access additional services during their trips, like massages or beauty treatments. These services enhance their overall tourist experience. When you travel and want to book a pedicure or hair styling session, your hotel is a great choice. Most major hotels have gyms, spas, and beauty salons within the premises. Guests get access to these spaces and the following services, sometimes at no additional cost.


The culture of a particular tourist destination does play a role in the design of the accommodation. For instance, tourist accommodation spaces along Kenya’s coast reflect the region’s Arabic and Portuguese culture history. You can see the influence on the design of some resorts or villas; they have distinct architecture. When you travel to such a place, your accommodation area becomes part of your trip’s cultural experience.


Of course, you will move around a lot during a vacation or a tour. Often, visitors are out to try different experiences and venues in their destination of choice. Sticking to your itinerary could be difficult or easy, depending on where you live. Travelling back and forth every day should be easy if your accommodation is at the heart of most places you want to try. If not, you may incur additional transportation costs and spend too much time commuting, which is very exhausting.

Social events

On your trip, you likely already have a clear idea of the activities you want to do. Most of them are outside your place of accommodation and are the central part of your trip. The site you choose to stay in may also have events to provide additional entertainment options for guests. Examples of these social events include parties at night where guests may interact with each other. Social gatherings like these form part of a tourist’s experience. They go a long way in making the experience memorable and impactful.

Access to amenities

The place you choose to stay during your trip needs to provide you with the amenities you need for the duration of the visit. For instance, if you are working while you tour an area, your accommodation should have a stable internet connection. If travelling with your family plus younger children, the sleeping spaces should fit your needs as a unit. Hotels and vacation rentals also provide visitors with adequate bathrooms, toiletries, food stations, and room appliances.

Having looked at the critical role of accommodation in tourism, it is clear why rental spaces are in demand. Online websites allow visitors to easily find houses they can rent during their trips. Managing a tourist’s experience is a demanding process that requires speed and efficiency. With access to many listings, anyone booking their next trip will have an easier time finding a place to stay.

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