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What Is The Deal With Millennials Choosing Startups Over 9 To 5 Jobs



What Is The Deal With Millennials Choosing Startups Over 9 To 5 Jobs

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From working in banks to writing their books (Chetan Bhagat), from working in pastry shops to baking and selling cakes, millennials have always had their things their way. The list of self-made entrepreneurs can go on for pages, and it still won’t be done with. The world has seen so many youngsters who decide to call it quits on their 9-5 jobs and trade it for startups instead. Gone are the days when youngsters were called out for not changing themselves and following the same cycle every day. Millennials today are focused, ambition driven, and have this energy filled with something that pushes them towards marking their name in the books.

These startup-driven brains look beyond the risks of becoming entrepreneurs and focus only on delivering the best and build their success path. Millennials are willing to launch startups at much younger ages than their forefathers with a pocket full of money and a head full of stars. They are ambitious, passionate, and in the running of fulfilling their dream(s).

So, what makes youngsters choose the road less traveled?

Reasons Why Millennials Are Turning Into Entrepreneurs

Immense Opportunities

Being a startup owner provides these young minds with immense game-changing opportunities, i.e., markets to sell. They study these markets, their demands and sell products to meet utmost consumer satisfaction and change their lives in the right way.

They are deeply concerned about meeting customer demands and understand how them contributing to it will affect them. All they want at the end of the day is a smile on the faces of the people who purchase their products. To be clear, young business owners want to attain peace and happiness by helping society however they can.

Brings Revolution

Startups open the doors to revolution. The new generation isn’t known for settling for what they have. They are instead driven to find answers to all the unanswered questions. They evaluate every option they have, study it carefully, and then decide whether to implement it or decide against it.

They are ready to face the consequences of the choices they make, unlike boomers. The idea of generating, evaluating, and executing creative ideas gives birth to innovation. The chances they take pay off big time, leading to the startup owners earning profits.

No Age Barriers

You know what they say, there is no age for learning, and you learn best from your experiences. Youngsters these days have taken this way too seriously. They are putting their heart over their mind and doing what they want to by being their own employers. There is no age factor required to become an entrepreneur; all you need is skills and the allegiance to do more. This will up your learning curve.

Gen-Z kids have experienced both, a world without technology and a world with it. They know the craze of social networking websites among their generation and the importance of values and cultures. This makes it easier for them to understand the market with great depth and decide on a target audience to focus their market on.

Accepts Failures Openly

The new generation takes the saying “Your failures are your best teacher” seriously. Millennials don’t give up on what they are passionate about and keep on giving it their everything, despite their failures. They look beyond their defeats and don’t see them as a career-suicide process.

Millennials have learned to embrace their failures just like they do their successes. They believe that the risks they take in lieu of their businesses are worth the money. In fact, their defeats are what keep them going towards achieving their dreams.

Making A Difference

Startups are the only field of learning where you don’t require past experiences. This is why they are more famous among the young generation. Gen-Z might not have a lot of experience, but they have the zeal to give their best to society and make a difference.

Employers that provide jobs look for experience first thing. Entrepreneurs, however, look beyond it. These people care about bringing a revolution more than they care about anything else. Millennials give their best to their work and stay obliged to it, no matter what stage it is at.

Ownership Experiences

No business is ever bound to get steady success. Sometimes there are chunks of profits, while sometimes, there are a few bits of losses here. It is that person who takes both equally and owns up to it who is a true entrepreneur. Millennials know for a fact that the business, no matter how big or small, no matter how income or loss worthy, is their own. They take ownership responsibilities daily seriously and learn to hold on to their duties.

Millennials, who thrive on the enthusiasm and the dedication to do something on their own and make their name for it, are the ones that take the risk of becoming entrepreneurs. These people require patience, calm, and a lot of humbleness to own a business so that their success doesn’t get on their head.

An Enthralling Adventure

Building an enterprise, watching your dream come to life, earning money out of it, are just some of the things youngsters experience in this adventurous journey called ‘startup.’ They gain tons of experience, learn to accept their mistakes, take up responsibilities, and grow within their company. This, while working for corporate, might take them years to attain.

Startups provide millennials with the opportunity to gain experience from their mistakes and set the right kind of attitude needed to handle your enterprise. Being your own employer in this theme park called life is the roller-coaster of it, and it is not for the weaklings.


Millennials who invest their time and money into building their own business give their all to it and do everything to achieve customer satisfaction and contribute their part to society. They surpass expectations, even if it calls for risk in doing that. Startups are a magnet for the right talent.

Sweta is an experienced content strategist at FactoHR, having a keen interest in communication and the latest trends that are useful to entrepreneurs. Her passion for learning aids team members to represent new ideas that later help businesses to achieve their mission and vision.

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