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What is Google Shopping & How does it Work?



What is Google Shopping & How does it Work - google shopping feed magento 2

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Online shopping is increasing rapidly. People have moved towards online shopping from traditional one. The internet has completely changed the way we shop. It eliminates the need to visit the nearest mall or any retailer. Shopping can be made more accessible by simply picking up smartphones and looking for the products you want to purchase online.

Google shopping is a great platform for retailers to showcase the product in front of the customers searching for the products online. There are likely more chances of losing a good deal of customers if you are not listing your products on Google shopping.

Let’s have a better understanding of Google shopping, its working, and reasons to use it!

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping can be defined as a Google service that facilitates shoppers to quickly search, find, and compare products from different sellers on the Google search engine.

It is also referred to as Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE). The results are showcased as thumbnail images along with the prices. At the time of its release in 2002, it was known as Froogle. With increased number of online businesses, it has been quite challenging for store owners to get their products discovered. Online sellers can list their products on the Google shopping to make them easily discoverable for Googlers.

If you are a Magento store owner, Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed extension makes the process flawless, reducing the manual efforts required for setup and configuration.

Listed below are the interesting statistics that you need to know about Google Shopping:

  • According to Google, 98% of global consumers surveyed perform product searching, browsing, and purchasing online.
  • A report by Marketing Charts showed that 30% higher conversion rates are observed for Google Shopping as compared to text ads.
  • 59% of the price comparison portal users in the United States revealed that they like Google Shopping.
  • Shopping Ads generate nearly 85.3% clicks on Adwords and Google Shopping campaigns.
  • Google Shopping Ads have an average conversion rate of 1.91% and an average cost per click of $0.66, which yields huge profits for many brands.

How Does Google Shopping Work?

The most obvious question that comes to your mind is, “How does Google Shopping Work?

Setting up Google Shopping for your online business can be a clumsy process. It is processed by two platforms: Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center can be defined as an online tool used to upload and update product feed that contains basic product information.

In order to get the products listed on the Google Shopping Feed, the businesses need to create a merchant center account, where they can add the product feed, which will be used to get product information by Google.

The businesses need to run paid campaigns through Google Ads to promote these uploaded products on Google Shopping.

The working of Google Shopping varies completely from other platforms as it doesn’t allow choosing the keywords to focus on. The products get listed on top based on Google’s product listings. Generally, the organic search results appear in the middle, whereas paid ads appear at the top and bottom of the page.

Based on the purchase behaviour, Google Shopping is now updated to offer personalised recommendations.

Once you are a member of Google Merchant Account and Shopping Ads, you will be a member of “Surfaces across Google Program” and easily showcase your items on Google. Listed below is a method to set up Surface across Google Programs.

  • Navigate to the “Growth tab” on the Merchant Center dashboard.
  • Choose “Manage Programs” from the navigation menu.
  • Select “Surfaces across Google Program”, and you’re done.

Make sure that you complete the sign-up and get your product feed ready to sell products.

Why Use Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is one of the robust platforms that provides countless benefits for your business. Let’s have a glimpse at some of those benefits!

  • Google itself is one of the largest search engines on the internet. Promoting products on Google Shopping Ads, helps attract a huge heap of people and lure more customers.
  • Offer detailed and relevant information to the potential customers that help increase the number of leads.
  • Improve brand recognition by getting noticed on Google lens, making it easier for customers to identify the products and purchase.
  • Using Google Shopping ads, easily manage ads without adding any relevant keywords.
  • Facilitates businesses to generate product performance reports to get understand and identify the areas of improvement.

Ways to Optimize Google Shopping for Business

It is essential for you to optimize your Google Shopping account regularly for better results. This will establish online visibility and can win customers’ trust. Listed below are the top ways to optimize Google Shopping for business:

  • Set up a clear goal for running your shopping campaigns.
  • Make sure that you optimize your bid to get maximum clicks.
  • Choose the most appropriate bidding strategy to display your products for the right search terms.
  • Ensure creating an effective Google Shopping campaign structure.

Escalate Your Revenue With Google Shopping

There’s no surprise that Google Shopping is a fantastic way to get your products appear infront of right target audience. People can get the detailed product description, image and then finally checkout on Google or land on your product page to complete the process. Google Shopping helps improve website traffic, enhance conversion rates and grow your revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions on Google Shopping

1. What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping can be defined as a platform offered by Google that facilitates users to search, compare and purchase products from its database easily.

2. Is it possible to find products within a particular category?

Yes, you can narrow down the results by category. Click on the selected category will help display the desired category.

3. How is Google Shopping different compared to other sites?

Google Shopping is not an online shop. It does not sell the products directly to the shoppers, but instead, offer detailed product information and make the product readily available for shoppers.

4. Can I receive product inquiries or questions from the customers?

Google allows the businesses to accept custom questions and queries for the products that are listed on the Google shopping.

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