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What is 3D Modeling & What’s It Used For?



What is 3D Modeling & What’s It Used For?

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It is impossible to imagine any significant area of production in which volumetric graphics are not used in the design phase. The development of any object becomes more accessible with a three-dimensional representation of each element, a significant detail. At each stage of product creation, whether it is a simple mechanism or a rocket engine, the multi-faceted layout is oriented. It is a multidimensional drawing that has not only the nominal height, length and width, but also a visual representation.

Where 3D modelling is used

We often hear the term 3D. It’s an abbreviation for 3-dimensional, which literally translates as ‘three dimensions’. There are a lot of additional words added to the phrase: sound, image, shooter, show, printer, and so on. But the basic point remains: when you use it, you move from a schematic, one-dimensional space to a more realistic one. This ability to ‘spiritualise’ the inanimate has been put at the heart of many endeavours. But it is in the construction of the three-dimensional image that visualisation has found its origins and is most in demand.

It is widely used in the following industries:

  • the entertainment industry;
  • medicine;
  • industry.

Let’s take a closer look at each group.

Film, computer games and animation: the merits of 3D modelling

All virtual spaces and non-existent characters are created using a special technique of using polygons. This is the name of the usual geometric shapes with three or four sides, which are connected at different angles to form one object. To set it in motion, you have to change the parameters of the components – pull them out, move them, rotate them. Since they are all connected, the action is like pulling a spider’s web – the other segments are deformed according to the first one.

The smaller the area of each individual piece, the greater the total number, and therefore the greater the accuracy of the image. In such cases, it is customary to talk about the quality of the graphics – in some games, you can make it higher and lower. This is relevant in cases where the power of the computer does not allow you to quickly display all the pieces. This is not to say that a small number of polygons – low poly models, worse than High poly, when the details are many times more. For part of the animation is enough general view of the hero, if it is a minor or one of many. The main character is usually drawn in more detail. Textures are superimposed on top of the graphic figures to complete the image.

The first CAD system for professional and amateur use was AutoCAD. With time its quality counterparts and second-rate imitations began to appear. We shall summarize the list of software below, at the moment we shall confine ourselves to pointing out a very handy program for 3D modeling services – ZWCAD Professional.

It is not inferior to Autocad in functionality, but significantly differs in price, which is higher than that of a popular brand. It is a development of ZWSOFT, which has maintained its position on the software market since 1993 and sells its products in more than 80 countries. In 2017, a new and improved version of ZWSOFT appeared. The main area of development is three-dimensional design. This, by the way, is used not only in the entertainment industry, but also in healthcare.

What is 3D Modeling

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3D modelling plays an important role in modern society. Today, it is widely used in marketing, architectural design and film, not to mention industry. 3D modelling makes it possible to create a prototype of a future construction, a commercial product in volumetric format. An important role is played by 3D modeling during the presentation and demonstration of a product or service.

Thanks to the advent and popularization of 3D printing, 3D modeling has moved to a new level and has become more popular than ever. Everyone can print a 3D-object, be it a design model or a character from a favourite cartoon, that they have drawn themselves or downloaded from the Internet. Naturally, not everyone is familiar with 3D programs and knows how to model three-dimensional objects. Hence the demand for the 3D modelling profession has grown manifold over the past decade.

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