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Top Graduate Marketing Degrees



Top Graduate Marketing Degrees

There are plenty of graduate marketing programs offered by the country’s best universities, but which ones are best for you? Here are some of the best, from the University of Southern California to the Brandeis GPS Digital Marketing and Design program. You’ll also find some tips for the best graduate marketing degrees in Texas and other U.S. cities. And don’t forget to read the admissions requirements of these schools before you apply. If you want to learn more about education, contact the guys at They are professionals in this field.

University of Southern California

Interested in a graduate marketing degree at USC? There are five rounds of admissions each year for the Class of 2023. USC offers a master of science in marketing through a progressive degree program. Graduate students may choose from among the following focus areas:

The Master of Science in Marketing at USC blends theory and practice to provide students with a strong grounding in the marketing field. TFE Times ranks the MS program at USC as the sixth-best in the country. It also develops critical thinking skills, and students are taught how to implement their knowledge in the real world. Coursework is taught in a hands-on setting, and students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of marketing to a real-world business problem.

Brandeis GPS Digital Marketing and Design program

The digital marketing and design master’s degree program at Brandeis University combines design with digital marketing to develop a well-rounded student. The program integrates both creative and technical marketing components and provides hands-on training for students in digital and traditional marketing. Students complete 1.6 to three years of coursework. This online program will provide the necessary skills to succeed in the digital world.

The Brandeis University MS in Digital Marketing and Design program boasts an exceptional faculty that combines industry experience with classroom learning. Students benefit from the expertise of faculty members who work on cutting-edge marketing challenges on a daily basis. Additionally, students can choose a flexible schedule and make lifelong connections with their classmates. This is one of the reasons why Brandeis GPS Digital Marketing and Design program is among the top graduate marketing degrees.

Texas A&M University

If you’re considering a graduate marketing degree, Texas A&M University may be the right place for you. The campus is renowned for its innovative programs and world-class faculty. Students can also benefit from the many internship and study abroad opportunities available in the area. Students can study abroad in Europe and Latin America for a semester, or choose to spend all four years in one region. You’ll also be immersed in a suburban setting.

There are several ways to finance your graduate marketing program at Texas A&M. First, there are tuition fees. For undergraduates, tuition fees are $5,126 a semester. Non-residents pay $18,221 per semester. Graduate students, on the other hand, pay $5,048 for each semester. Graduate students are eligible for assistantships, scholarships, and grants. To apply for financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Despite being a small school, Texas A&M offers excellent graduate marketing programs that fit any schedule.

University of Houston

If you’re looking to earn a master’s degree in marketing, consider UH. During the academic year 2019-2020, 241 students graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, ranking the school #29 among universities that offer graduate degrees in the field. Of these graduates, 58% were women, while 42% were men. This pattern holds true for master’s degree graduates, with only 46% men and 54% women earning the degree during the most recent year.

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing at UHD is cutting-edge and research-based. Students will gain hands-on experience developing a complete marketing plan. The school uses state-of-the-art classroom technology to teach students how to persuade and inform clients. In addition, the curriculum explores consumer behavior in the United States. Ultimately, it focuses on best practices in the field.

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