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Top 5 Photo Editors for Windows PC



Top 5 Photo Editors for Windows PC

Photo by Luca Sammarco from Pexels

We live in the era of social media and digital photography, and having a high-quality camera on your smartphone no longer surprises anyone. Unfortunately, nowadays, just taking great photos is usually not enough, so to make your photos stand out, you need a good photo editor. If you have the latest operating system, Windows 11, then this article is for you.

To ease your choice and help you find the best program, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most popular photo editors for Windows computers. Want to explore all the available options? Check out the full list of the best photo editing software for Windows 11. Without further ado, let’s dive in.



Are you on a tight budget? Check out GIMP, an open-source software. Color correction, photo retouching, and special effects are just a few of the features that GIMP has to offer. Crop, rotate, and scale your images, remove unwanted objects, or make advanced enhancements by using layers. Plus, you are able to extend GIMP’s functionality by creating plugins or installing plugins made by other users. Despite the main disadvantage – a rather cluttered interface, you can use this photo editor for free.

2. PhotoWorks


Are you a newbie in editing but still want to create awesome images? Go with PhotoWorks. This user-friendly program works smoothly on any computer. Enhance your images automatically with a single click, change the background or make it transparent, get rid of any odd objects, and further improve your photographs with 200+ built-in filters and 3D LUTs. You can also retouch your portraits in no time: whiten teeth, better your face & body features, remove acne scars, wrinkles, and dark circles, and more. Plus, it has batch mode, which is quite handy for editing lots of photos. The only downside is the lack of layers.

3. Luminar


Have a powerful PC? Try out one of the best photo editors for Windows 11 – Luminar. It’s another user-oriented software with an intuitive workflow. It is packed with AI-powered tools to improve your images in a flash. Make skin enhancement, backdrop replacement, color correction, and other adjustments with a single slider drag. However, it performs slowly on quite old computers and is rather pricey for infrequent use.

4. PicsArt


Want to edit photographs on the go? Opt for PicsArt. This is the best photo app for Windows 11 and smartphones that provides lots of creative control. It comes with a wide range of editing tools and a huge collection of photo filters. Plus, it has in-app tutorials that are easy to follow, even for newbies. The main drawbacks are the full-screen ads in the free version and the vast set of features may be too overwhelming for simple editing.

5. Photoshop


Don’t mind the challenges? Explore Photoshop, the most popular software among professionals. It is equipped with all the tools required for digital drawing, image retouching, color correction, and picture restoration. As for the downsides, it has a steep learning curve and a rather expensive subscription, making it not the best option for one-time use, especially for beginners.


You’ve just explored the top 5 photo editing programs that are compatible with Windows 11. Overall, each program has its own strengths and weaknesses. Consider your budget, skill level, and editing needs when choosing the best photo editing software for Windows 11.

If you’re a novice who wants to improve your photos on a professional level, PhotoWorks is the way to go. If you’re an expert photographer in need of a free yet effective editor for your work, choose GIMP. If you are already familiar with Adobe programs and don’t mind the learning curve, pick Photoshop. For simple editing on the go, consider PicsArt. To see the AI in action, try Luminar.

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