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Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Fitness Professionals



Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Fitness Professionals

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands and they are familiar with social media platforms. But, the popularity of Instagram is massive than any other social media platform. With 1 billion worldwide active users and 500 million monthly users, Instagram is dominating the social media marketing campaign. Instagram is a place where everyone shares their thoughts and experiences via videos, photos, stories, and memes.

But using Instagram for promoting business and using it for fun are two different things. If you use Instagram the correct way, it will help you to generate new leads and help your business to stand apart from your competitors. But having a substantial number of followers is important. If you are struggling to get followers, you should try to buy real followers on Instagram. Remember that there are always new options to improve your content. If you’re fitness professional, there are few ways through which you can demonstrate your expertise and quickly grow your following.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Instagram marketing guide that will help you to promote your business or brand on Instagram.

1. Fill Out Your Instagram Profile

The first thing you need to do is fill out your profile correctly. This means that you need to add your business website, email, business category, and your location. Remember that the username is the only thing that will make your account discoverable. Hence, make sure you set a username related to your niche market.

People love the Instagram platform because they can learn more about the people behind the business. So, you need to use your photo as a profile picture. You can also use your brand’s logo. But as you’re fitness professional, it’s suggested to use your photo.

Apart from that, remember what you want to share and how would you convince people to engage in your posts. Additionally, don’t forget the bio section.

2. Upload High-quality Images and Videos

This is one of the best marketing tips for fitness professionals. If you think what is the most important step of becoming an Instagram popular fitness professional, then you need to consider this. If your Instagram profile is full of blurry, irrelevant, and unattractive quotes of photos, it won’t look aesthetic and people won’t engage with your content. The more beautiful and organized the grid, the more users are going to follow your Instagram account.

Instagram Reels, Stories, IGTV, Photos – there are a lot of options to carry on, but you need to perform extraordinarily. Use marvelous backgrounds, natural lighting and upload high-resolution images. However, take precautions while uploading carousels as your picture might get compressed. Use soothing color and focus capturing on portrait mode.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are very effective for your Instagram profile as they will help people to discover your content. If you don’t know which hashtags you need to use, research your competitors or other fitness brands and notice which hashtags they are using. Remember that Instagram allows 30 hashtags in a post. So, make sure they are appropriate.

While common hashtags such as #Fitness, #Gym, and #Personaltrainer is okay, try to use some specific location-based hashtags such as #Californiapersonaltrainer or #Orlandogym. This will increase the reach of your post. You can also create a spreadsheet and use lots of different hashtags.

Additionally, if you don’t want to make your photos or videos clumsy by adding tons of hashtags, you can add them in the comment section. This trick will allow you to copy, paste and edit your hashtags for your next upload.

4. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are very effective to boost the exposure of your brand as the story appears at the top of the primary Instagram feed. If your followers interact with your videos and photos regularly, the story will appear at the beginning of the list. It’s one of the best ways to give your followers as well as clients a sneak peek into your life as a professional fitness trainer. So, instead of using Instagram stories at the gym use them for your personal life such as shopping at a supermarket or working on your diet. You can also share photos or videos of vacations in your Instagram stories. It will help you to promote your business more effectively.

You can also buy Instagram comments to promote your fitness brand on Instagram.

5. Tag People

Many fitness professionals don’t know the importance of tagging people. If you upload a photo of a client, don’t forget to tag them both in the caption as well as in the photo. If you train influencer or Instagram celebrities, upload their photo and tag them in the picture. An influencer could be anyone from the lady in your neighborhood or the news anchor. If they have massive numbers of followers on Instagram, you’ll be featured in the feed. They might even re-share your photos and that will ultimately attract new followers. As per Go Daddy, tagging will also boost the engagement rate.

People prefer re-sharing stories. Hence, make sure you upload stories of your posts and tag the people there too.


These are the 5 Instagram marketing tips for fitness professionals you need to keep in mind. While creating an account on Instagram, make sure you convert the account to an Instagram business profile. This way you can use extra features as well as tools. Additionally, you can also research the analytics that will help you track the engagement and growth of your content.

Trudy Seeger is a blogger and the content writer who write many article on Health, Business, Technology and Social Media. He enjoys reading a new thing on a social media.

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