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Top 10 B2B Online Wholesale Platforms In 2022



Top 10 B2B Online Wholesale Platforms In 2022

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The world of B2B solutions is rapidly expanding, with new and innovative platforms emerging every day. As we look ahead to 2022, there are some exciting developments on the horizon. The growth in the B2B industry has evidently shown that the B2B business does not earn high revenue without operating its activities from an online platform. If you are the owner of a b2B business and want to perform the optimum functionality, then without using the online whole platform it’s not possible. According to Forrester Research, it is revealed that B2B sales in the USA will go up to $1.8 trillion by 2023.

However, the online portal gives accessibility to the brands to operate their business effectively. So, the B2B online portal provides the free searchable directory of all vendors and suppliers with their websites. The B2B platform gives you efficient ways of identifying the suppliers who meet with the best suppliers that offer the services as per your requirement.

This is also clear to everybody that people almost considering the B2B eCommerce as the next edge of the eCommerce industry, so they are not wrong. The experts estimated that the global B2B online market value reach the US $12.2 trillion. That’s mean it also cross 6 times the value as compared to the BC market.

So, once you decide to have your business on the B2B online platform, then it is essential for you to learn about the online marketplace and how they work. Moreover, when you understand the importance of the B2B platform, you must want to attach your brand to the leading online wholesale platform. For your ease, here is the list of best B2B portals that surely help you in building the reputable image.

The Best 10 Online Wholesale platforms

1. eWorldtrade

eWorldtrade is the leading B2B virtual platform that offers millions of trading opportunities to merchants all over the world. They are committed to delivering the best services to each trading organization and also help them by providing great customer support, place orders in bulk quantities, and purchase high-quality products at the lowest prices. The eWorldtrade marks its name in the top 10 B2B online wholesale platforms with a user-friendly interface and have multiple payment options.

top 10 b2b online platform - eWorldtrade

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another popular name among the B2B wholesale platforms. This platform is usually preferred by sellers who are looking for an integration-friendly solution. Through BigCommerce, the traders have a chance to create their custom shipping rates for the B2B buyers and sync data through ERP, CRM, and OMS. Almost 60,000 brands are using BigCommerce also for the B2C eCommerce sites and offer their service worldwide.

3. Alibaba

Almost everybody knows about Alibaba, it is the most prominent B2B online platform and it is commonly known due to its big sales. Alibaba is one the largest Chinese platform that has 700 million online shoppers. As per Statista, the revenue of Alibaba almost reached 72.3 billion U.S. dollars.

top b2b wholesale websites - Alibaba

4. eBay

eBay is the leading player in the eCommerce growing industry. The major thing about these B2B eCommerce sites is that they have a strategic online portal that gives ease to each merchant in operating their brand efficiently. eBay invests a huge amount on their portal to ensure that their site must be easy to navigate, well designed, and also easy to use. eBay is the best option for all small businesses, and it surely gives them a competitive edge.

wholesale b2b marketplace - eBay

5. Oracle SuiteCommerce

SuiteCommerce is the part of the oracle NetSuite family that has been recognized by Forrester. SuiteCommerce is the best B2B eCommerce platform, especially for mid-size organizations. This platform offers comprehensive tools that help to streamline the billing, purchasing, and support for B2B customers. This platform is usually used by U.S traders and is also available around all over the world. If you are looking for a simple and flexible site, then SuiteCommerce is the best option. The advanced of this website is really suitable for B2B wholesale businesses and gives a high transaction volume.

wholesale marketplace online - SuiteCommerce

6. WooCommerce B2B

When talking about the WooCommerce B2B, it is the official B2B eCommerce site that plugin for WordPress-based sites. This open-source eCommerce is designed for traders of all sizes. The best thing about this platform is that it permits store owners to customize their online shops. The B2B traders can get functionality as per their requirements, and its plugin includes hide products and prices from the non-members, offering discounts, and excluded taxes.

b2b wholesale marketplace - WooCommerce B2B

7. AliExpress

AliExpress is also listed down in the top 10 B2B online wholesale platforms. This platform is built to makes things easier for the sellers of the B2B marketplace. AliExpress works underneath Alibaba and it is the most well-known B2B platform that also helps small businesses in operating their services efficiently. Now, AliExpress also start working as the B2C platform. This platform offers wide-ranging services that help to build your brand. This platform is used to midsize large businesses and help them to fulfill their good.

top b2b marketplaces - AliExpress

8. Global Sources

Global Sources is the Hong Kong-based wholesale sourcing event that joined its forces with Forbes. Global sources are one of the best wholesale online platforms that offer top-notch trading services to all sizes of businesses. They almost have 13th year of experience and give a collaborative approach to their customers. Global sources are the leading wholesaler marketplace in the North America.

top b2b marketplaces in the world - Global Sources

9. FlipKart

Flipkart is the recognized B2B online wholesale platform that attracts a lot of customers due to its amazing deals and discounts on the wide-ranging products on their websites. This is the largest online retail market that offers innovative ideas and business operations. Flipkart has achieved a fortunate position in the retail industry and help brand to build their reputation.

top 10 b2b companies in india - Flipkart

10. SnapDeal

SnapDeal is the best online whole platform that offers top solutions to B2B customers. The eCommerce company aims to help merchants all around the globe. SnapDeal is the largest wholesale platform in India that offers a unique shopping experience to the customers. This platform has exclusive features that are designed to give a better experience to shoppers. In India, they are the pioneers of electronic commerce and the first digital marketplace.

top 10 b2b companies - SnapDeal


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