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The Ultimate Guide For Your First Pair Of Tactical Boots



The Ultimate Guide For Your First Pair Of Tactical Boots - Military Boots for Men

Military Boots for Men have always been a trend in the men’s shoe section. Made mainly for their use in professional military activities and rough adventurings, tactical boots have come a long way where they can now be used even as great casual everyday footwear. Unlike your regular boots, these tactical boots are sturdy and tough enough to make you withstand any problem you may face. If you are in the market looking for your first pair of tactical shoes, you may want to consider a lot of things before picking your pair. Read this article to understand the basic do’s and don’ts while purchasing your first tactical boot:

Things To Consider When Getting Your Tactical Boot

Now that we’ve understood what military boots are and their various purposes, let us have a look at some of the basics to consider while getting a military boot, especially for a beginner so that they won’t regret their decision and instead fall in love with military boots:


When it comes to military boots, quality and comfort should be your number one priority. This is especially true because of the use case of such boots. Unlike other boots, you have to make sure that tactical boots are sturdy enough to withstand all challenges. A torn boot during the middle of your adventure will only cause more headaches. Hence always look for quality and sturdy materials used in making that particular boot.

Comfort also plays an equally important role here. This is because tactical boots are meant to be worn for a longer duration. Hence, if you need a comfortable and headache-free experience, make sure that it provides the needed comfort with lots of insole and side paddings, along with breathable fabric for enough airflow and hence irritation-free feet. On a side note, good socks will make a huge difference in the comfort section.


Even though any tactical boot can be used for hard adventures and professions, narrowing it down to a particular niche can always be a great idea. For example, if you are someone in the military, get a military boot instead because these boots are made especially for military people, and hence, work a lot better for military-based challenges. Similarly, if you are adventuring and your adventure involves a desert, then get a tactical desert boot instead.


No matter what, the harder the outsole, the more protection it gives from sharp objects. In the case of tactical boots, you need not worry about this issue. Most, if not all tactical boots have a really hard and tough outsole. This is what makes them withstand all the challenges in adventurings as compared to other shoes in the market. If you are sure that your adventure will include a lot of sharp objects, make sure to get a tactical boot made of a really tough outsole.

In addition, enough toe space is also needed for comfortable wear. A good amount of toe space helps prevent accidental stubbing of the toe, which can be pretty common in hilly and mountain regions, and trust me, a stubbed toe’s pain is the worst.

Our Recommendations For Tactical Military Boots

There are hundreds of military boot providers in the market. This alone can turn into a huge headache while picking your first pair of tactical boots. If you are in such a situation, look into Nortiv8’s amazing collection of tactical boots to make your life a tad bit easier. Here are some of the best collections from Nortiv8 Footwear store that we think you should definitely give a try:


tactical military boots

As said earlier, if you are going to be in a desert quite often, get these desert boots instead. The rugged outsole of these boots gives you enough stability in the desert. Whereas the mesh fabric design with its numerous tiny holes makes the boot extremely breathable, being the perfect choice for a desert adventure. With these boots, the thought of burning your feet will never cross your mind. In addition, the sand color option for these boots is a perfect choice if you worry too much about your boot getting dirty because of the sand.


military boots for men

As compared to other boots, work boots have a slightly different design that resonates with casual wear shoes. These boots have similar ruggedness as compared to other military boots, hence can be used both for professional work and casual adventurings. And for the icing on the cake, the zip-up style makes it fashionable enough to be worn even for everyday activities.


tactical military boots for men

The high-top military boots mean one thing, you never have to worry about your feet. By entirely covering the feet and more, this high-top boot provides way more protection to the feet as compared to other boots mentioned. With the rugged outsole and an ankle protection design, this boot ensures you have a safe and protected adventuring no matter the place. In addition, due to their shock absorbent and soft insole, the boot does not compromise on the comfort factor either. If you need a perfect blend between comfort and protection, a boot that can take you through extremely hot and cold days, get these high-top military boots instead.


Now that we have understood the basic knowledge of military boots, what are you waiting for? Even if you are not in any professional field like military and firefighting, you should definitely buy one anyways. I, for one, have surely ordered a pair even though I have never known what adventuring feels like. Go get yours and wear them to your office, and be prepared to hear all the compliments from people admiring your fashion skills.

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