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The Evolution of Cloud Hosting



The Evolution of Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting has grown to take a significant stand in the industry today. Most of the bigwigs are shifting to cloud and cloud hosting has been an excellent topic of discussion. The Google drive we use in our day to day life is an example of cloud storage. The word “cloud” has been derived from the word “telephony”. Let us look at the various stages that led to the cloud hosting network.

A Distributed System is a combination of multiple systems which constitutes to form a single entity. We can share resources among these systems and we can use them easily. There are characteristics like scalability, continuous availability, heterogeneity, concurrency etc.

Then came the Mainframe computers in 1951 which were very powerful machines which could handle huge amounts of data. Even in today’s data mainframe is used widely for tasks like online transactions etc.

Then in the 1980s came the Cluster hosting which grew as an alternative to mainframe hosting. The cluster consisted of machines which were network bound with very high bandwidth. The geographical restrictions have been a problem so far in all the varieties.

In the 1990s, Grid hosting came into existence and different systems could be placed at different geographical areas and connected via the internet. There were heterogeneous nodes. Cloud hosting from Thesagenext is known as the successor of grid hosting.

Then came the concepts of virtualization, Web2.0, Service orientation and Utility hosting. Creating a virtual layer over the hardware and helping to run multiple instances altogether simultaneously on the hardware. Web 2.0 has been the interface for the cloud services to interact with the clients. Service orientation has been the model of reference for cloud hosting. Utility hosting consists of services like infrastructure, storage etc. on the basis of pay per use.

There were three different phases of evolution of Cloud hosting from Quickbooks Cloud hosting:

  • The phase of Ideation which started in the early 1960s with the overwhelming emergence of the Grid and Utility hosting. Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider was the person who founded Cloud hosting.
  • There was the Pre-cloud phase then which started in 1999. The period of its stay was 1999-2006. The Internet was used as a medium to provide the Application as a Service.
  • Then the cloud phase started in 2007. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS got their recognition formally. It has been the most promising phase of cloud hosting till date.

There are multiple varieties of cloud available like Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud. Public cloud is available generally to the public and private cloud is internally available to the people availing its services. The Hybrid cloud is a combination of both the clouds. With enhanced data security and least redundancy, cloud hosting is taking an all new leap in today’s date. You can easily rely on the cloud. The Evolution of such a technology is overwhelming and with the further growth we may hop on to an all new platform of technology. Host your websites on cloud today. All the best!

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