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The Do’s & Don’ts for Men’s Sandal



The Do’s & Don'ts for Men’s Sandal

Photo by jose aljovin on Unsplash

It is perceived that the guy wearing men’s sandals are’t serious about whatever they are conveying or doing. Really an ancient school of thought! Chin up guys, the mens sandals are now slowly being accepted as a must have style on fashionable feet.

But tread cautiously, lest you make a fashion mistake and land yourself in some awkward situations. We have listed below a set of dos and don’ts that will help you rock any event with your sandals.

Do’s of wearing sandals

DO Take Care of Your Feet

Unlike the men casual shoes, while wearing men’s sandals, your feet are going to be in the open. Women take care of their feet regularly. Its high time men did too. Scrub your feet and if the heel is hard, soak them in hot water with salts, scrub off the hard skin. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after that. Keep your toenails in shape by trimming them once in two weeks. Moisturize your feet every night. And treat yourself to a pedicure every month.

DO Invest in a Good Pair of Sandals

Flip flops made of rubber or plastic are good only at the beaches. If you want to wear sandals on other occasions, invest in a good sturdy pair like floater sandals that you feel comfortable in and are also of high quality. We are not pushing for designer brands, but choose something that would last long, like how you are choosy with your office bag, wallet, or watch. Invest in the quality, preferably leather made and the sandals with arch.

DO avoid smelly feet

Contrary to popular belief, your feet smell not due to sweat but due to bacteria. Do avoid sandals made of rubber. Prefer sandals made of leather or cotton. Wash your feet with antibacterial soap and dry them before you slip on the sandals. These will help reduce the sweat.

DO play safe with Colors and Design

While picking up a pair of sandals, keep in mind the occasions where you would wear them. Do be experimental. Choose unique colors but not the very bright ones. See for interesting details, embellishments, or buckles. Pick the sandal that will be neutral and yet not boring.

DO Pick the Correct Size

An incorrect size will make you feel uncomfortable in your sandals. It may result in blisters and feet ache. Always try on footwear and walk a bit inside the store before you finalize it.

Do’s & Don'ts for Men’s Sandal

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Don’ts of wearing sandals

DON’T Wear Them at Work

It is an unsaid rule in a professional environment – “Do not wear sandals.” Even the most stylish pair will not be acceptable in formal settings. A formal attire completed with formal shoes produces a more confident and serious image of you.

DON’T Wear the Same Pair Everyday

Have at least two pairs of men’s sandals that you are comfortable in, and keep rotating them. Wearing the same pair every day will lead to sweaty feet and stink. Also, apart from being a hygienic option, from a style point of view, it would be beneficial.

DON’T Wear Them with Socks

Though it is now acceptable by a few, the majority still aren’t forthcoming on the option of pairing up a sandal with socks. They say that socks kill the entire purpose of wearing sandals, which is to have the feet in open. If you feel that you can pull off this look, be conscious about the type and pattern of the socks you are going to wear.

DON’T Buy Sandals with Insufficient Support

Wearing sandals that do not give the right amount of support to your feet will lead to a wide range of problems, from a simple aching foot to serious back issues. Stay clear of flip-flops if you plan to be standing and walking around for a long time. Consider floater sandals instead. They have stick straps that hold your feet. Anything that can easily slip off isn’t good for the feet.

DON’T Mismatch the Sandals

Don’t wear a flip flop when you are anywhere else except on the beach, or don’t wear bright colors to a semi-casual setting. While choosing a sandal, imagine where you will be using them, also which outfits to pair them up with. Bright colors are acceptable in the summer. For a more stylish look, monochrome with detailing must be your choice. Also, when pairing them with trousers, turn the hem up. It is both stylish and a safe option because this way, the hem will not go below the sandals and trip you.

Wear them but be conscious

Men wearing sandals can get it either very right or very wrong. Keep the occasion in mind and your style in mind while picking quality products at the best price. It goes without saying that comfort has got the highest say here. Men’s sandals are not new, but now they are more acceptable. Keep these few Dos and Don’ts in mind, and we are sure your feet will thank you.

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