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The Art Deco Period: The Most Prized Jewellery Antiques



The Art Deco Period The Most Prized Jewellery Antiques

Photo by Alyssa Hurley on Unsplash

The Art Deco period first emerged before the start of World War 1, with bold, geometric shapes and rich colour that made a refreshing change to the bland post-Victorian years. It really began to take off when the Decorative arts exhibition was held in Paris in 1925, combining fine workmanship with striking designs and lots of rich colour. The Art Deco movement quickly found its way into every aspect of society, from jewellery, clothing, architecture to vehicles and even domestic appliances. Here are some of the Art Deco jewellery that is fetching very high prices.

Early Art Deco Pieces

As you probably know, an antique isn’t an antique until it is 100 years old, so anything made around 1920 would now be officially classed as antique. As we move into 2022, an Art Deco diamond ring made in 1925 would officially be classed as vintage and would therefore be slightly lower in price than an antique.

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Rings

The current trend for Art Deco diamond engagement rings doesn’t look like ending anytime soon. With stunning Art Deco jewellery for sale online, you can view a wide range of authentic diamond engagement rings in the Art Deco style.

Droop Diamond Earrings

If you are looking for a pair of stunning Art Deco diamond earrings, look no further than a leading antique dealer, where you will find an extensive catalogue of fine diamond antique jewellery at affordable prices. Let’s not forget that antique diamond jewellery is a very good long-term investment.

Art Deco Pendants & Brooches

Precious and semi-precious stones were used to create stunning pendants and brooches, with emerald, sapphires, rubies and other stones combining to make beautiful pieces. There are some superb blue sapphire pendants available from an online antique dealer. Check out their catalogue to find that special pendant or brooch for your loved one.

Art Deco Charm Bracelets

1920s charm bracelets are all the rage. If you can find one that is, sterling silver is the popular choice, with diamonds mixed with other precious stones. Shopping online is the ultimate of convenience. Browse the antique dealer’s extensive collection and when you find a piece that interests you, make an enquiry and book a private viewing.

Art Deco Bangles

Bangles are another popular Art Deco accessory, whether gold or silver. You won’t find a better selection than at an online antique dealer’s website. The late 19th and early 20th century saw an exciting new style emerge, with colour and bold, geometric shapes that make for stylish and elegant accessories.

The Art Deco period is still as popular today as it was a century ago, when it first emerged. For the best in genuine Art Deco antique jewellery, search online for an antique dealer, where you will find the best pieces at affordable prices. If your partner’s birthday is approaching, why not surprise her with some Art Deco jewellery? Online shopping is easy, and you can have the piece delivered in time for her special day.

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