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The 10 Main Ways Technology Impacts Your Daily Life



The 10 Main Ways Technology Impacts Your Daily Life

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

Whether you want to get extra cash while on the commute, purchase items for home decor without leaving your house, innovations help you reach your goals. There are novel gadgets to help you perform most everyday tasks quicker and more efficiently than ever before. At the same time, as technology changes and society gets transformed alongside it, new problems and challenges emerge. We become increasingly dependent on digital social networks and expose our sensitive data to possible cyberattacks. Here’s a closer look at the ten most prominent ways of how technology impacts our daily lives in 2021. Let’s dive in.

1. Technology Changes How We Track Our Health

One way technology changes our lifestyles is by monitoring our behavior and providing accurate recommendations based on observations. We can see this happening in fitness devices that track the results of our workouts and give us instant feedback. The much-talked-about Apple Watch, for example, track our workout programs, measure blood pressure and heartbeats, and even detect our sleep stages.

2. Shopping – Do It From Home

Technology changes affecting businesses are perhaps most evident in the world of eCommerce. Since consumers are increasingly relying on product videos, social media coverage, and online testimonials in their purchasing decisions, most brands have an internet storefront set up. And the complimenting services like innovative payment gateways and drag-and-drop website builders make opening an e-shop easy for everyone.

3. Earn Your Money Working Remotely

The coronavirus pandemic forced many companies to let their employees work from home. But luckily, thanks to video communication software like Zoom, and file-sharing services, like Google Drive, they managed to handle the situation well. And the cool thing is that saving time from the commute hours frees up time to make extra income. For example, you can play online games that pay their winners in real money or become a video maker.

4. Information Is Only a Few Clicks Away

Technology changes the behavior of people by simplifying everyday tasks. Accessing in-depth information, for example, does not require you to visit the library anymore. You can type your query into Google’s search bar and find thousands of answers. This easy and free access to knowledge can mean universities will soon lose their importance in educating industry experts.

10 Ways Technology Impacts Your Daily Life

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

5. New Technology Creates New Security Risks

While 99% of the time, technology changes our everyday lives for the better, it can sometimes also create new problems. Online security, for example, is a rising concern that’s affecting businesses in every industry. So companies need to invest increasingly large sums of money to keep themselves safe from hackers.

6. Digitalization of Our Social Lives

Any discussion about the latest technology changes and their impact on our everyday lives would be incomplete without mentioning the impact of social media. This computer-based technology keeps changing the way we share information and thoughts in our communities, making us more globally connected than ever before. On the good side, it encourages the creation of positive social movements like Black Lives Matter. But the easy spread of ideas can also distort our democracy by making it easier to manipulate voters.

7. Mobile Apps for Everything

Almost everyone these days has a smartphone. And technology changes the definition of what a mobile phone is. At first, the device was for making calls only. These days, it’s filled with apps that connect us to the online world and help us perform everyday tasks. These digital gadgets help us be more productive, manage our finances, simplify dating, and much more.

8. Autonomous Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting more advanced every year. And several companies (most famously, Tesla) are experimenting with building autonomous vehicles. The AI technology changes and healthcare’s new needs have created instances where it’s possible to distribute medication and protective gear with zero human connection via self-operating machines.

9. Banking and Money Transfers

Innovations in the banking sector have changed drastically the way we transfer funds across the globe. With services like Wise and PayPal, you can easily, and with low fees, send money in dollars for someone to receive it in euros or any other currency. It provides quicker communication between companies in different countries and enlivens the world economy. On top of that, development in money transfers is also observed in which there are now channels and sites which provide service in searching, comparing, and availing the best money transfer rates.

The 10 Ways Technology Impacts Your Daily Life

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

10. Blockchain Technologies Building Organizations

For the past hundreds of years, most societies have functioned in a hierarchical and centralized manner. But the nature of the distributed ledger (blockchain) removes the need for central control. As a result, organizations can take innovative new forms where employees get guided by a simple computer code instead of a management team.


The bottom line is this: in the past years, technology, especially everything related to the online world, has changed our lives completely. We have unlimited access to information, a big part of our social lives happen via computer or mobile screens, and much more. Whether all the changes happening is good or bad is yet to tell. But one thing’s for sure: technology keeps transforming our lives at a rapid speed.

How is technology impacting your everyday life? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Jeffrey Bishop is a freelance copywriter specializing in the tech industry. He works primarily with start-ups developing new technologies in the field of virtual reality. Jeffrey believes 2021 will be a groundbreaking year in how computers and robotics will change our world. He loves documenting this process by writing blog articles about it.

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