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Ten Important Facts About Juicer



facts about juicer

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On my last birthday, one of my friends gifted me a juicer. And genuinely speaking, I wasn’t particularly a juice fan until I started using the juicer. I plunge to make a variety of juices, including pineapple, apple, orange, and celery. And the effect of drinking juices regularly surprised me. I lost weight (I am a bulky man) happily and got an improved skin quality.

All these interested me more on the juicer, and I started researching like Einstein. Well, I was surprised by the myriad of information about the juicer. I thought some of the information on juicer might facilitate you. Hence, Here, I have compiled ten important facts that you should know about juicer.

These will be your go for option while buying and using a juicer effectively.

Ten Important Facts That You Should Know About Juicer

You are here reading the article because you have finally decided to get a juicer, am I right? So, without much ado, let us make your time worthy with the top ten facts about the juicer.

1. Prefer veggies over fruits

When you get a juicer, it is tempting to make various fruit juices to meet your appetite. However, I learned that overeating fruit juices might increase the chance of heart disease.

Fruits have an abundance of fructose that boosts insulin resistance and may affect your heart. Hence, Juicer Moz suggests you drink more vegetable juices than fruit juices. Also, vegetables are priced lower than the fruits- a nice bonus!

2. Don’t keep the juice for too long

Imagine you have cut an apple and have kept it uneaten for hours. I know it never happened to you since you can’t think of eating fruits after a long time of cutting them.

The case is similar with your juices. My suggestion is for you to drink the juice immediately after making them. If you don’t drink the fruit or vegetable juice soon, the juice items may react with the elements in the air for oxidation. It can cause stomach ache.

3. Prepare a plan

When you get a juicer, the chances are high that you will be indulged in making a lot of juice items. Hence, it is suggested that you prepare early for your juicing. It is essential since juicing needs many things, including fruits, vegetables, salts, gingers, etc.

So, your planning will help you quickly sort out which fruits or veggies you will mix with what and other items you want to include in the juice.

4. Make a budget

When you decide to get a juicer, firstly, make a proper budget. The budgeting will help you quickly find the right juicer. While you prepare the juicer budget, consider two facts closely.

Firstly, decide how many people you will be making the juices. Secondly, consider what type of fluid you will make mostly. For instance, if you have two persons only, getting a small juicer is alright. And for a large family, you may want an industrial-scale juicer.

5. Don’t rely on juice too much

When you get a juicer and find the easiness to make juices, it is easy to get carried away with juices in your meal. But it is not suggested at all. Juices, especially vegetable juices, contain a high amount of fiber, taking time to absorb the digestive system.

So, drink juice as an occasional food item or evening snacks instead to make it your regular meal.

6. Choose organic items

Many disbelievers still doubt the authenticity and benefits of organic food items. Even if you are one of them, it is suggested that you put your disbelief in organic juice items aside and get organic fruits and vegetables for the juicer.

Drinking non-organic juice with contamination and toxic-elements will take away more nutrients from your body than it provides. So, never miss the organic juice point.

7. Adding minimal fat is beneficial

Many people have an excellent digestive system that helps them oxidize and absorb carbohydrates and sugars quicker. Well, if it happens with you, here’s a twisting suggestion for you.

You can add an optimal amount of fat with the juice. You may think of coconut, olive, hemp, or flax oil as a natural fat source for added nutrients.

8. Don’t waste the pulps

Even after juicing, the leftover pulps carry a considerable amount of carbohydrates and sugar. Hence, you should never waste the vegetable pulps after juicing. In fact, I have found that with a bit of creativity, you can quickly make some cool food items with the leftover pulps.

For instance, the carrot pulps are usable for carrot cake. It is gluten-free and healthy. Another food item that I like is the vegetable hash with a scrambled egg.

9. Get a good juicer

Another crucial fact about the juicer is that you should always invest in a quality juicer. It is even more significant in the sense that a juicer continuously works with the vegetable and fruit pulps that take a toll on the juicer blade.

So, getting a high-quality juicer will ensure better juicing and durable service too. However, remember that getting a good juicer doesn’t mean spending on a luxury item.

10. Maintenance is the key

Finally, when you have your juice at hand ready for drinking, don’t forget to clean the juicer properly. When you keep the juicer dirty for a long time, the pulps inside may get dried up and damage the juicer parts.

So, remove the pulps soon and give a thorough cleaning of the juicer before storing it back in your kitchen cabinet. A cleaner juicer will offer better juice that you will love drinking.

Final Words

Having a juicer ready at home is beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. When you drink the favorite vegetable or fruit juice, it energies your body and offers maximum vitality. Nonetheless, the final recommendation about the ten important facts that you should know about the juicer is practicing drinking juice in the morning. It will help you get an optimal vitality early in the morning and enjoy the boosting throughout the day.

Also, drinking at night may disturb your digestion system and sleeping, which isn’t desired at all.

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