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Taking Learning Out of the Classroom



Taking Learning Out of the Classroom

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As a teacher, you know the importance of education, and you know the value of a good quality teacher. Getting the best out of students is what you are always striving to do, but have you thought about taking your learning out of the classroom. When you take students out of the classroom, you see their personalities come to light, and you get the chance to explore learning and development in a different environment.

How Sports Can Help

Taking learning out of a classroom and then using sports to teach is a positive step to make. For example, teaching golf to k-14 students will teach them the importance of improving themselves, developing their skills, and even increasing their levels of patience. Sports can teach children a lot, and often, you may find that sports have the power to influence students in a way that books cannot. Quite often, when children get to practice something, such as teamwork, they see the value in it and the benefit they get from it. You can teach them about teamwork in class, but if they don’t get to experience it in real life and in a real situation, or scenario, then how will you ensure that they have truly understood what you have taught.

Why Students Need to Get Out of the Classroom

Children need a change of scenery, and they need the opportunity to learn in other new environments and surroundings. If students do not get out of the classroom, then how will they learn to deal with new situations, and how will they cope when new challenges are put forward for them? Not all students learn well within the classroom setting, and when you take them out of the classroom bubble, you get to see what a student’s true abilities and skills are. Putting students into new surroundings and situations will help them grow and develop.

Learning in a New Way

When you are teaching in a classroom, there are only so many approaches and styles that you can adopt. You are limited by four walls, and this is when problems may occur, especially as students get older. As students progress through the education system, they need to remain engaged and attentive. If students are not paying attention and are not engaged, then they will not learn, and they will certainly not retain the information you want them to. Taking learning outside of four walls will encourage your students to continue their learning journey, and it will inspire them to carry on learning, but in a new way.

Productivity and Challenges

Taking learning away from the classroom is not without its challenges and hurdles. Children will have new levels of energy outside of the classroom, and ensuring that you harness this energy and maintain behavior is important to ensure that you retain productivity. If you do not have the same level of control outside of the classroom as you do inside the classroom, then learning will not happen.

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