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Summer In The UAE: Is It Possible to Go and What to Do On Vacation



Summer In The UAE Is It Possible to Go and What to Do On Vacation - summer vacation in the uae

Image by Makalu from Pixabay

Summer in the Emirates is the low tourist season. The reason for the decline in interest in the country is too high a temperature that rises in the summer months. The situation is saved by air conditioners – they are installed literally everywhere. There are air conditioners even in buses and at bus stops, but it’s still better not to go outside during the hottest time.

When is the season in the UAE and what is the climate in the country

The UAE has a subtropical, dry, desert climate. Throughout the country, the climate is the same, a little more humid and cool in the mountains. At this time of the year you can explore all the delights of Dubai yachting. After all, the water and the climate are already quite warm, in contrast to the winter period, when the water is still cool. We recommend chartering a yacht and enjoying this unforgettable moment.

It is optimal to fly to the Emirates on vacation in winter or spring. But this is the high season, the prices for tours are quite high, and the hotels are overcrowded with travelers. In January, the coolest, the water temperature at this time can be +21 degrees, and the air – +23. In February it becomes warmer, the air warms up to +27. In the spring, in March and April, the holiday season in the UAE continues. The air temperature during the day will be +28-30 degrees, and the water will warm up to +24, this is the most comfortable period for a beach holiday in Dubai, when there are no winds and rains. It gets hot in May, the average temperature is +37, the water is warmed up to +27. There are no fallouts.

Summer In The UAE Is It Possible to Go - What to Do On Vacation - summer vacation in the uae

In the summer, beach holidays in the UAE are no longer so popular. The season in the Emirates is coming to an end, which means that the number of tourists is decreasing, the best rooms are being vacated and the prices for tours are being reduced by at least one and a half times. Should I go to the UAE in June? You can go if you can easily tolerate the heat. The average air temperature will be +40 degrees, the sun is quite aggressive.

The hottest month is July. Air temperature during the day +45, water – +30. In the Ottoman Gulf, the water is a little cooler, around +27. Refreshing at night will not work either, the air is warmed up to +30 degrees. All hope for air conditioners. In August the temperature is like in June.

It is still hot in September, but in late October – early November it becomes more comfortable. The air is on average warmed up to +30, water – up to +23. It already reminds us of our summer.

Features of holidays in the UAE in the summer

The Emirates invite tourists all year round, given that prices in the country are high, and in the summer you can go to Dubai or Abu Dhabi at the price of Egypt , the demand for tours remains. Low cost is the main plus of summer holidays.

If you decide to go, don’t forget sunscreen with the highest degree of protection and products with panthenol just in case. To make your stay in Dubai comfortable during the summer months, you need to stick to a simple daily routine.

Swim in the sea and sunbathe should be strictly in the morning, before 11:00. At this time it is already hot, but the sun is not yet so dangerous.

If the water seems too warm, and it can warm up to +30 degrees, then it is better to move to a pool with cool water. There it usually warms up only to + 24-25 degrees.

After 11:00 you need to leave the sun. It is better to go to a mall or a museum that is indoors. You can get to such a place with comfort, because air conditioners are installed in all types of public transport. Sometimes it is even cool, in shopping centers you often have to wear a jacket.

After 18:00 you can return to the beach or take a walk, go to a restaurant or a party.

Sometimes Ramadan falls during the summer months. A big Muslim holiday, the Arabs treat it very responsibly. Many establishments are closed for this period, they work only after sunset. And in shops and bars, alcohol is sold only after 19:00.

I must say where it is better to relax in the UAE in the summer. In the popular Dubai it is quite hot, in Fujairah it is somewhat cooler. But in this emirate, shopping and infrastructure are less developed. Therefore, usually a travel agency offers to spend a summer vacation with children in the Emirates in Fujairah, and then go to Dubai for a couple of days to see the main attractions and visit the largest shopping malls.

Summer In The UAE Is It Possible to Go What to Do On Vacation - summer vacation in the uae

Judging by the reviews about holidays in the UAE in the summer, it is the hot months that are ideal for shopping. During this period, Dubai Mall and other major centers hold the largest and most profitable sales.

Where to go in the UAE and what to do on vacation

Dubai Mall The most popular destination for travelers is a beach holiday in Dubai. In summer, the possibilities of such recreation are somewhat limited, but spas and shopping centers are popular. They are located on the territory of hotels, and separately.

Where to go in Dubai:

  • Dubai Mall. This is not only a shopping center, it is also a major entertainment facility. It has a children’s town, a cinema with 22 halls, the largest aquarium and a zoo.
  • The Mall of the Emirates, which contains the Sky Dubai ski resort. It is worth going here if you come to rest in the UAE with children, there are slides for snowboarding and skiing.
  • Entertainment center Mirdif City Center, which has shops, a cinema, a food court, attractions.
  • Discount center Outlet Mall, where you can buy things from famous brands with significant discounts.
  • Zabeel Park is a huge park with seating areas and playgrounds. Here are the dinosaur park, the famous Frame (Dubai frame) and garden glow.
  • Dubai International Bowling Center with 36 lanes.
  • The world’s largest water park AQUAVENTURE. Here are unique slides, which have no analogues in the world, as well as an aquarium in the Atlantis hotel. Entrance to each institution is paid separately.
  • Burj Khalifa Observation Tower.

Summer In The UAE Is It Possible to Go - summer vacation in the uae

In addition to these places, Dubai hosts many festivals and interesting events in the summer.

In Abu Dhabi, it is worth visiting the Ferrari amusement park, the largest shopping center Yas Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall. The rest of the emirates also have a lot of entertainment. The peculiarity of a holiday in the UAE is that here you can simply find a lot of entertainment for every taste, age and budget in every shopping center. There are rides, slot machines and small zoos everywhere.

Conclusion: You can and should go to the Emirates in any season, the main thing is to properly prepare and organize your leisure time. But if you do not tolerate the heat, it is better to reschedule the trip to autumn.

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