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Selling Your Home a Checklist



Selling Your Home a Checklist

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

There are many reasons to sell your home. Some of the most common ones include relocation due to work, retirement, looking to downsize your home, looking to sell in a hot market, and others. No matter your reasons, selling a home can be a complex and involved process. When you’re selling your home you need to have an organized approach to ensure everything goes smoothly and no unforeseen issues arise. Without the proper approach, selling your home can become a lot more complex and also take longer. When selling, you want everything to go as smoothly and quickly as possible and that’s where a home seller checklist can help.

Key Items For Your Home Seller Checklist

While everyone’s home and personal circumstances are different, there are several common elements when selling a home. The following tips can help you make a sale.

  • Research Real Estate Agents: when selling your home it is possible to do it yourself. However, that can use up effort and time you may not have. Also, other issues can arise during the sales process that should be handled by a professional. Finding a reputable sales agent can save you time and provide advice ensuring you get the best deal possible.
  • Work on Curb Appeal: with homes, a first impression is important, so when potential buyers are considering your property you want them to have a good first impression. You can improve your home’s curb appeal by making a few simple changes, such as planting new flowers, repainting the front door, and making other minor repairs to improve your home’s overall appearance.
  • Add Plants: plants make an area appear more vibrant and alive. Adding plants to your interior can make your home more inviting and even minor additions such as a bouquet on the living room table or a bowl of fruit in the dining room can help.
  • Declutter: in most homes, over time, you tend to collect various items over the years. This can lead to your home having a degree of clutter which should be addressed before you start showing your home to potential buyers. Removing access items from counters, windows, and themselves makes your home look tidier and appear to have more room. Cleaning out closets is also a good idea as it gives the impression of more storage space.
  • Repaint The Walls: interior color choices are often very personal things and during your time in a home you may have repainted the walls and trim to fit your particular style. Repainting your walls with neutral colors if needed can improve the sales process. It’s rather inoffensive from a design view and two, allows buyers to imagine what a home would look like if repainted with their preferences.
  • Look For Minor Damage: scuffs and scratches often occur very easily and can collect in busy areas of the home such as around doorways. When going over your home, you touch up any scuff marks or scratches you find along the walls, doors, and baseboards. These little things improve buyers’ first impression of your home’s interior.
  • Check the Radon Gas Level: Generally, it is a good practice to have your home tested for radon before selling, as it can be an important selling point. By using a continuous radon monitor for indoor air quality, you can ensure radon gas presence. If your home tests for low or safe levels of radon, it can be a selling point that enhances the value of your property. Conversely, if high levels are detected, addressing the issue before selling can prevent it from becoming a deal-breaker.
  • Fix Lose Handles and Doorknobs: another little thing you should check is the condition of the handles around your home and the doorknobs. Loose handles tend to create an impression of disrepair and ignored upkeep ignore buyers think there could be other issues.
  • Lots of Cleaning: once your home is organized, properly repainted, and minor repairs have been addressed, the next step is cleaning. You want everything to be spotless and for any professional pictures to be visually appealing. Cleaning can include professional services if you need a deep cleaning or have issues that need professional care such as carpets or windows.

Final Thoughts

Moving is stressful enough and having to sell your old home can add to this. With proper preparation and organization, you can approach selling your home in a planned step-by-step approach that reduces stress and helps keep the project on track.

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