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Refurbished Phones: What Are They and How They Different From New Ones?



Refurbished Phones

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Given that the most recent flagship phones are about $1000, you’re undoubtedly wanting to save some money on your upcoming phone. And there comes the refurbished phones that are as good as new ones but cost you a lot less than them.

In many cases, it is nearly hard to distinguish between a refurbished and a brand-new device. The beauty of it is that you can buy a device that is essentially brand new for a small portion of the cost. But what precisely separates a new device from a reconditioned one? Except what is visible.

The price of a refurbished phone might be up to 70% less than a comparable new one. A device that has been reconditioned was either previously owned or used for display. However, as refurbished products go through the same assessment as new products, any flaws are discovered and fixed, and any problematic parts are changed.

What Are Refurbished Phones?

Pre-owned phones that have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons, such as not being sold in the market or a new product introduction, are known as refurbished phones. Before being offered for sale to the general public, refurbished products are typically checked for functioning and flaws.

Is It Good To Buy a Refurbished Or New Device?

A new device is probably a very attractive option for a refurbished one. But you might potentially save a ton of money by buying refurbished phones, and since the most respectable manufacturers also provide warranties on these products, you are largely protected in the event that anything goes wrong with whatever you purchase.

Difference Between Refurbished Phones & New Ones

New Devices Come Straight From The Factory, But Refurbished Devices Can Be Found Anywhere

The first main difference is where they come from. A brand-new phone is shipped in a sealed package straight from the manufacturer. It probably also includes a manufacturer’s warranty. On the contrary, a refurbished phone that was already purchased was returned (for a number of reasons).

However, doesn’t that just make it a used device? Hold on, what? Not exactly. Dealers in the refurbished device industry ensure that every refurbished product is a product they are proud of. Before coming to you, these products are examined, tested, and further verified to make sure everything is running correctly like a new one.

Refurbished Phones are Properly Tested and Verified

Refurbished phones fall in the middle of new and used. They have mostly used phones that go through maintenance before being resold, or they might be units that were returned soon after being purchased. It’s possible that the maker or seller replaced the battery or other parts, cleaned up the phone, and-in certain cases-included a brand-new guarantee with the item.

But this can differ from one vendor to the next; some refurbished phones might be very indistinguishable from brand-new ones, while other refurbished items might be more like buying used. You will undoubtedly save at least 15%, if not more, despite the fact that the price you receive may vary.

The Cost Difference Between Refurbished & New

Price is the primary distinction between new and reconditioned phones (up to 70 percent cheaper). Although they are cheaper than the new ones, that doesn’t mean they are not worth the price they come for.

As mentioned above, refurbished phones go through the same testing as new phones, any flaws are discovered and fixed, and any problematic parts are changed. Despite functioning just as well as brand-new devices, they are cheaper because of their refurb status.

Bonus: 5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Over New Phones

While we’ve given some really good reasons to choose refurbished phones over new ones, if you are still looking for some more reasons, Tradelia has got some for you. Below is the infographic from Tradelia that covers 5 good reasons to buy a refurbished phone over a new one along with a quick comparison of how you can save money while buying a refurbished phone.

5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Over New Phones


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