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10 Promotion Hacks For Referral Marketing On Social Media



10 Promotion Hacks For Referral Marketing On Social Media

Referral marketing is one of the best ways to market your business. The extensive digitalization of today allows you to promote your referral program through various marketing channels. One of the most powerful channels is social media. You can make the most out of it by following certain hacks.

This blog reveals some of the best referral marketing hacks you should use on social media to make the most of it. But before that, let’s get to understand why referral marketing on social media works.

Why is referral marketing on social media powerful?

Referral marketing has been practiced since time immemorial. Nevertheless, it has never lost its charm. With the extensive usage of the internet today, modern-day referral marketing has moved online, a large part of which is social media. Here are the reasons why referral marketing on social media is powerful.

  • With more than 4.7 billion people using social media today, promoting your referral program on social media would give you a wider reach to an enormous audience.
  • Referral marketing on social media increases brand awareness. For, it expands the chances of people who were previously unaware of your brand to know your brand’s existence.
  • Widens the chances of conversions among both existing and former customers. You’d be getting in front of them right where they’re on the internet. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to interact with them directly.
  • Your interaction with your customers and prospects on social media channels bears a more humanized touch.
  • Your brand’s visibility on social media gets people to talk about your brand. And this builds your credibility, which gradually leads to your success.
  • It increases your inbound traffic significantly. Otherwise, your inbound traffic would be restricted strictly to your closed circles.
  • Requires the spending of lesser money than that on traditional marketing. Besides, it is relatively effortless- only requiring some content development and syndication strategy.
  • Your social media presence improves your site ranking.

10 tactics for referral marketing on social media

The combination of social media and referral marketing is extremely effective in promoting a brand. Here are ten techniques to effectively enable integration referral marketing with social media.

1. Promote your referral program on social media

Run a referral program using a tool like InviteReferrals and make people aware that you are having a referral program. Regularly promote your program on your accounts on various social media platforms. It should be accompanied by a short explanation of how users can earn an incentive for sharing your brand. Ensure that the post is enticing, visually appealing, and easy to follow.

2. Include social sharing buttons for your customers

Make social sharing an integral part of your referral program. This will encourage customers to send links directly to their friends on social media. They should be able to share you on social media in one single click. You can simplify it further by providing them with pre-written content with the link. As referrers will receive their reward each time someone buys through their link, they’ll be motivated to share more.

3. Share reviews as social proof

Not everyone will be ready to take part in your referral program without knowing its credibility. You can ensure this by sharing social proof in the form of reviews, stories, and testimonials. These can serve as “proof” that your products or services are good, and hence, give them the assurance that they’re referring to a trustworthy brand. You can even turn positive reviews into graphics to make them visually attractive.

4. Request loyal customers to promote the program

Your loyal customers can become your brand ambassadors upon your request. So, ask them to refer your brand to their circle on social media. But make sure that you ask at the right time- the time when he/she is extremely happy with your brand. It can be soon after purchase, immediately after they leave a glowing review, or after a positive customer service event.

5. Run a social media ad campaign

You can reach your referral program to a new audience by running a social media ad campaign. Sponsored or boosted posts can be tailored to reach a particular audience. That is, you can determine who’ll see your ad. You can do this by setting your preferences with respect to the audience’s gender, age, geographic location, educational qualification, interests, etc. Social media ads can be cheap and highly effective in promoting your referral program.

6. Host an early-launch program

You can consider your referral program to be just like any new release. Come up with an early-launch offer for the program. This can make it exciting to join your brand. So, hype the early access to your program over social media. You can add to its momentum by allowing just a small group of influencers or loyal customers to join early.

7. Use entertaining videos

Videos are wonderful hacks to promote your referral program on social media. Video marketing statistics have proved this. Through a video, you can capture your audience’s attention and make them aware of your referral program. It can also feature how your referrers are happy to earn by referring you around. Additionally, you can also highlight your brand value and offerings in it.

8. Ask current program participants to spread you further

Your current referrers are more likely to repeat referring you. By asking them for the same, you’ll be propelling the spread further. When more people hear about how your referrers are enjoying the work and earning through it, they’ll be more likely to participate. So, keep asking. And do ask for reviews as well. For, positive reviews from genuine customers are powerful! You can also encourage them further by featuring top advocates on your social media pages.

9. Refrain from remaining the same

We told you it’s important to regularly promote your referral program on social media. When you do so, don’t use the same template every time. Instead, change the referral message and images. This will make it interesting and appealing. You may even choose to vary the referral incentive or conduct contests with limited-period rewards such as bonuses and discounts.

10. Tailor your message to the traditions of each platform

Multi-channel marketing is important. But you should know that each social media platform is different and requires a different approach. So, use a referral message that is tailored to each platform. Customize the design, imagery, and tone of your message to suit the audience there. Besides, make sure that the message has a personal feel. And allow referrers to customize the message before sending.

Wrapping up

Referral marketing on social media has immense potential in taking your business to the next level. You just need some hacks up your sleeve. In this blog, we’ve discussed ten of the ways you can integrate your referral marketing into social media. Do use them to widen your customer base credibly in a world where trust for brands is declining significantly.

Shivani is a content writer at InviteReferrals, which provides referral software that allows businesses to attract new customers from existing customers through referral campaigns.

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