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Redefining Aesthetic And Functionality With Metallic Epoxy




The epoxy floor coatings are getting popular by the day as more homeowners and industrialists appreciate the aesthetic and functionality of this coating. It is the ideal flooring when you are very particular about the interior Décor Of Your Home Or The Commercial Space. The Metallic Epoxy Flooring Goes One Step Further By Breathing life into the flooring. In the world of 3D epoxy flooring system, the metallic elements will be playing with light to impart a three-dimensional look.

More About The Metallic Version

The epoxy floor coating of metallic finish is all about a low yellowing version of epoxy that contains a metallic pigment. The tiny particles of the metal are more like glittering pigments, which remain as a mixture in the epoxy resin. The worker will pour the material on the substrate or floor. On agitation with the roller or paintbrush, the metallic pigments will separate, gather, turn and twist to reflect the light at different angles.

As the metallic epoxy hardens, the metallic pigments will lock themselves in the final positions, imparting the three-dimensional look with a swirling feel. So you must also understand that the installation technique is highly important for determining the final look of the flooring and attaining the expected aesthetic.

A Versatile Product

If you think that the metallic version of epoxy coating is only to uplift the interior appeal of your residential apartment, you are wrong. It is equally effective in the industrial setup, commercial spaces, or residential space.

  • The resistant quality makes it ideal for industrial flooring.
  • Automotive and mechanic shops always prefer metallic epoxy flooring as these shops must look elegant and sophisticated to the customers.
  • It will not undergo wear and tear easily, even with spills of engine oils, gasoline, or battery leaks.

Durability Increases ROI

When you are investing in metallic epoxy, you must assess the return on investment or ROI. The flooring system with the coating of this variant will be undeniably stronger than conventional flooring. It will last longer as well.

  • The brass-like finishing will enhance the durability of the underlying concrete surface further.
  • It’s probably the best way you can add value to your home.
  • Looks attractive to people who will come over to your place for parties or gatherings.
  • It is possible to maintain a seamless look even when people are walking on it throughout the day.

Customization Is Possible

The freedom to customize the tones of the metallic epoxy coating is like icing on the cake. You can select any metal like bronze, brass, silver, or copper that will enhance the look and feel of the flooring.

  • Try experimental patterns like ocean waves, lava, flames, and clouds as design elements.
  • People desire to decorate more as technological advancement has helped in improving the elements of flooring each day.
  • You can also customize the floor designs if you hire premium flooring contractors.
  • Translating the dream ideas into the real-life flooring pattern is possible only with the use of epoxy material.

Innovative Flooring

If you are tired of seeing the conventional flooring, then it is time to break the monotony with metallic epoxy. The sparkling surface will be unpredictable as you can never know from which angle the pigments will reflect the light. In fact, it improves the lighting of the space as well. For large halls, banquets, and conference rooms, this type of floor coating is the ideal option. It is also one of the most economical options to impart a stylish look to the floor. It also helps save money on the power bill due to the high reflection and less absorbance.

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