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Reasons You Should and Shouldn’t Buy the Toyota Prado



Reasons You Should and Shouldnt Buy the Toyota Prado

The Land Cruiser Prado might be some 69 years old in the Australian market, but the vehicle is still flying high as far as popularity is concerned. The Prado is definitely one of Toyota’s best offerings and gives amazing performance when it is sent on the roads.

The Toyota Prado is known as the mini Land Cruiser in the local market and captures just as much interest from local residents. The Prado is popular as a convenient, more affordable version of the Land Cruiser because it still offers some of the features you get from the original Land Cruiser at a reduced cost.

Just like a number of other vehicles present in the market today, the Toyota Prado comes equipped with its own defined strengths and weaknesses, which is what makes it unique in the market.


Toyota’s Reliability

The reliability that Toyota offers in the market makes many customers trust it over all other brands. The vehicle gives a stellar performance on the roads and is equally well on both off-road and on-road drives. The brand also offers exceptional after-sales support.

Toyota’s Prado has also undergone many improvements ever since it was launched, making it an easily available and affordable option for all users. The improvements rank the Prado at par with some of the latest 4-wheelers in the market.

Add the convenience and feasibility of the Prado to the reliability that Toyota has to offer, and you will get the perfect vehicle for your price tag.

Off-Road Brilliance

We cannot speak enough about the brilliance and perfection that Toyota’s Prado offers off-road. The Prado comes with an exceptional suspension further boosted with a powerful engine and automatic gear shifting.

The 4WD on the vehicle is full time and is present as a standard feature in all of the three trims offered by Toyota in their Prado. The off-road brilliance allows drivers to take their vehicle out towards farms and enjoy the experience there.

Drivers can also head to rugged terrains within mountains and deserts to enjoy the rigidity of the tires and the ground clearance offered by the Prado.

Decent Safety

The Toyota Prado comes with exceptional safety standards, which make it a beast on the road. The vehicle comes equipped with an amazing braking control system, including downhill assist, traction control, vehicle stability, and much more. You feel safe driving the Toyota Prado and can tell that you are in safe hands.

The Prado is also equipped with the latest anti brake system. The braking system allows for decent braking and stoppage on the road, which gives optimal feasibility to riders and enthusiasts on the go.

Excellent Drive in the City

The Prado does not compromise on the paved road experience within the city, as it also ensures an optimal experience. The model comes with a smooth and exceptional driving experience.

The firmness of the vehicle complements the overall stability to offer good traction on the roads. This goes to prove that the Toyota Prado 2021 can be trusted on all kinds of roads.

Simple in Style

The simplicity in style is another thing that makes us fall in love with the Toyota Prado. The Prado boasts of a simple design that helps it stand out in the market. The simple, yet sophisticated design, speaks wonders of the brilliance within the vehicle. The vehicle has been performing exceptionally well for some time now and boasts of a graceful look.


Gas Variant isn’t Fuel Efficient

The gasoline engine present on the Toyota Prado isn’t fuel efficient at all. The gas variant, specifically, guzzles a lot of fuel and will leave your pockets empty if you are taking your vehicle on long routines. The vehicle will still consume a lot of fuel, even after you shift your vehicle to unleaded gasoline. The high consumption does go against the eco-friendly requirements most city dwellers have today.

Cramped Third Row

The third row on the Toyota Prado is cramped for space. The third row does not have enough leg space, and people sitting on it would be able to tell the limited area available to them. The car prioritizes relaxation all over, but we still feel that the third row could have been a lot more spacious, considering the vehicle is marketed for comfort and relaxation.

Height can Hinder Ride Quality

The Toyota Prado has a bigger ground clearance than most vehicles. The height is rated at 1890 mm, which will help you notice some deterioration in curves and corners. People who have driven crossovers and sedans will feel the difference and note the depleting ride quality. The full-sized land cruiser is poor in this regard.

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